Doctor Who Autograph Collectors Club
Doctor Who Day 2
24 September 2005

This one-day event, organized by the DWACC, was held at the Darwen Theatre Library in Darwen, Lancashire on Saturday the 24th September 2005.

The guests included.
  • Colin Baker - The Doctor #6

  • Dee Sadler (Club Patron) - Flowerchild, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

  • Lisa Bowerman - Karra, Survival

  • Rhian James - Suzie, Father's Day (2005)

  • Eric Potts - Oliver Charles, Aliens of London (2005)

Our good friend Caroline Sinclair attended the event and passed along these photos.

Thanks Caroline!

Caroline and Colin Baker

Colin Baker

Caroline and Rhian James

Caroline and Lisa Bowerman

Caroline and Dee Sadler

Caroline and friends

Caroline, Scott and friends

Eric Potts

Caroline and Eric Potts

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