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Anyone who has ever collected Doctor Who costumes, props, artwork and merchandise have found there is very little information available on the topic. Even in the electronic age of the Internet and everything being on-line, it's amazing how little info is out there. You can find mountains of data about Dr Who Serials, cast members and show trivia, printed and audio stories from an endless list of web sites. Just try to find a collection of original, authentic Dr Who props or costumes and the web comes up bare. The collector community is traditionally friendly and shares information freely. This holds true for the fellow Dr Who collectors we have managed to find. WWW.RICHARDWHO.COM would like to expand the circle of knowledge surrounding collecting Dr Who Props, Costumes, Artwork and Merchandise by encouraging existing collectors to gather together in a central location to share small portions of their collections and experiences.

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This page is our attempt to bring the collector community together. By gathering and listing individual private collections we can all enjoy the thrill of the items. If you are interested in joining the list click here.

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Dr WhoCollectors

Name (Last,First) Description Props Merchandise Art
Abbottsmith, David Collector in Sydney,pride and joy being several Target Novels    
Arkinstall-Jones, Oliver My collection consists of mainly CO figures but I also have quite a few videos and books as well as a couple of other bits and pieces.    
Balcombe, Chris UK-based Chris has a number of classic series Doctor Who props and merchandise, as well as some new series items. His collection includes Dalek One-Seven, the original BBC prop with parts dating back to the very first appearance of the Daleks in 1963
Ball, Chad Chad lives in Columbus Ohio USA where he works in the entertainment industry.
Banes, Johnathan i have many items mostley full size and evrey thing else, come and see................
Barker, Kerry Kerry (better known as Doogle), recently started collecting after beeing a fan of the show since about 1974, from Bombala N.S.W. Australia    
Barlow, Terence & Paul Terence and Paul are new the the collecting game and live in Warrington Cheshire where they have already found some interesting items.    
Bell-Taylor, Robin RobinBT collection of original artwork and other merchandise  
Benoist, Philippe French Dr. Who fan, I collect Original art (illustration, comic pages) from all era, and merchandising. I discovered the World(s) of the Doctor at the 1991 MOMI exhibition.....  
Bolton-Wade, Bill Bill lives in Newcastle, Australia and has been watching Doctor Who since Jon Pertwee started his tenure. He has recently been busy building his very own Dalek and collects toys from the old and new series.  
Bowman, Matt A mask and vintage merchadise collector from Canada, with over 35 replica masks, and various 1960s items.  
Briggs, Richard Richard lives in Dale City Virginia USA collecting all thing Dr Who. He is very proud of his necklace from the Greatest show in the Galaxy.
BRIGNELL, GARY Gary and Jen have been collecting for well over ten years.Their collection is varied and contains Items from the Classic period as well as the New Series.
Brimelow, Chris Long time collector born in England now living in the USA  
Brown, Mark Trading cards and nik naks  
Brown, Tim Tim lives in Welland Canada where he collects Dr Who merchandise.    
Bull, Mike Mike has a new series Dalek in Wales    
Burgess, James Replica masks/helmets, props and costumes  
Butcher, David David likes collecting anything doctor who    
Butler, Kyle Kyle is a collector from doncaster and loves anything and everything to do with doctor who. He loves autographs and Dr Who events  
Cable, Andy Dr Who Girls Knickers I have collected these for many years and have a website dedicated to them.  
Calway, Ian Hi i started collecting Dr Who figures just over a year ago i currently have over 150 from series 1-5 as well as plates postcards busts mugs ect and i am still going strong but unfortunaley my bank isnt lol  
Campbell, Duncan Duncan lives in Hampshire, England and collects Third Doctor items.  
Christodoulou, Glenn Glenn is a teacher living in Hertfordshire UK with a collection that leans to Daleks.  
Coblentz, Alex Alex is a college student living in Frederick County Maryland in the USA where he collects Target paperback and hardback novels, as well as VHSs and DVDs.    
Coffey, Tom Tom is a longtime USA fan where, as a child, would watch the Doctor on his local PBS station.    
Coley, Jonathan Jonathan is a young collector in Staffordshire England    
Collier, John John is a primary school teacher in Longton England.    
Cowan, Paul Artist & Collector, Paul has drawn illustrations for Unstoppable Cards Dr Who and the Daleks series of trading cards and has contributed artwork to Candy Jar Books "Lethbridge Stewart" range, the two Time Shadows charity anthologies, the "Professor Howe"
Davenport, Andy Andy is a 3D Animator living in Surrey England with a affinity to Dalek toys of all kinds.    
Demopoulos, Nik Nik lives in Melbourne Australia with s huge number of Daleks  
Doe, Matthew A collector in Cornwall test  
Donovan, Van Van is a new Who fan into old Who stuff, especially the Troughton era.    
Dunn, Jeff      
Eadson, Cory A large focus on merchandise items (as props are harder to get hold of!)
Emmerson, Tony scratch built models & dioramas    
Epperson, Lee Im a lifelong Doctor Who fan who has been collecting memorabilia since 1987. Always looking to add to my collection!
Ewen, David At present, my collection is more focused on prop replicas, particularly cybermen, but i also collect merchandise of all kinds as long as it is dr who related.
Filney, David Collection of Autographs, photos and original scripts    
Flynn, Grahame Also know as Gray, lives in Exeter and has been invalved with Dr Who for many years.    
Fuller, Jonathan telesnap reconstructions colector    
Fullerton, Richard A collector based in Worcestershire with a passion for Doctor Who (and other shows) on interesting formats. Owns an episode of Doctor Who on 16mm.    
Gibbs, Paul Paul lives in East London and has recently began rebuilding his collection.    
Gladney, Gary I collect books,figures,toys,etc.I would love a full size K9 and Tardis.I have been a fan for years.My earliest memory as a small child was watching William Hartnell and I have been a huge fan ever since.I have only recently begun my collection.    
Gorton, Chris Collector of high end replica props especially from the Tom Baker years    
Greene, Rob J      
Greetham, Simon Simon has a large collection of mask and helmets in Sheffield in the north of England.    
Griffin, Jason Jason lives in Leicester, England and have been collecting since 1981. He has a large collection of the classic, and new series.
Grindle, Shayla I am a life long fan - i collect from 60s upto modern day toys and props. Inc full size k9 and sarah jane cosplay.  
Groves, Steven My collect is varst started collecting also sale to buy the thing I want
Gullidge, Bedwyr A collection of both New and Classic Series with a focus on original costumes and props. I am keen for people to see these items and as a result have started the Made in Wales Exhibition.
Hamilton, Seb A full CO figures collection proudly belongs to me, amongst other things!  
Hawkins, Tony Tony lives in Perth, Australia has been been a Dr Who fan ever since falling off the chair in fright back in 1964. Collection consists of ARC Models,Product Enterprise Radio Controlled, Dapol & Marx Daleks, and is growing everyday.  
Hayes, Jared Books, Magazines, Audio & Video, and anything else I could find Doctor Who!
Hicks, Matheau Matheau lives in Worthing, West Sussex and produces his own Videos along with collecting.  
Hill, Adrian Adrian lives just outside Bath and has been collecting Who memorabilia for as long as he can remember.  
Hooper, Paul Paul of Somerset England has a large assortment of Head-Up Display monster busts in his 1970s centered collection.    
Huggins, John        
Hughes, Leon Leon lives near the Torchwood base in Cardiff with an Imperial Dalek guarding his collection.    
Johnson, Craig Craig lives in North London with a large collection of videos, books, autographs, photos, posters and toys.    
Johnson, Tim Long time prop collector.  
Jones, Arfon Various things signatures, 12” Daleks, props from the new series and promotional materiel relating to the show
Jones, Brian Brian of Norwich in the United Kingdom has had a long relationship with the Doctor.    
Kent, Matthew Enjoy original production used items..
Kitching, Andy Andy lives in Leeds England and has been collecting since the release of the TV movie.    
Knight, Andrew Andrew owns the famous blue cape worn by Colin Baker in the 1985 Doctor Who story Revelation of the Daleks.  
Latif, Ahmed Ahmed Latif lives in Hampshire, England where he lecturers studio recording at Portsmouth University.  
Le Targat, Jonathan Im a French fan of Doctor who since 2005 with the new series. And now I collection all Doctor Who things.  
Levy, Shawn Merchandise    
Lewis, Marc D Original Doctor Who Artwork    
Lloyd, Sam Hi, I am am huge Doctor Who fan and I collect mainly merchandise. I keep having to put more shelves up in my room so I can fit all my things in there! My collection is always growing so keep checking my page because I am always updating it.
Lottum, Frans van Fran lives in the Netherlands where he enjoys collecting Videos, Books and Puzzles.    
Main, James New Series merchendise moving into Classic series Items  
Mamo, Odin Collector of official, high-end Doctor Who merchandise as well as fan-made art.
Mcintyre, Phill My small but growing card collection .    
Mckirdy, David tardis and daleks k9 memorabilia  
Mcroy, Simon various items old and new. nothing particular but mainly dalek related items    
Michels, Tim Tim is a United States based collector who has constructed one of the best TARDIS bookcases you could ever want.    
Miller, Shelby Collect doctor who items such as #95/250 of The Wand Companies gold and silver plated universal remote 11s sonic screwdriver.    
Monington, James Who Art    
Morris, Bobby Bobby lives in Leicestershire, England and has assembled some great Sevans models.    
Munro, Robert A Few Bits I Threw Together
Newall, James I collect figures,toys,videos,dvds and some other nick nacks    
Nocton, Mark Sixties and seventies toys, autographs and original artwork.    
Norris, Peter Peter lives in West Sussex in the UK where he enjoys collecting Dalek related merchandise.    
Parish, Matt Matt and his wife Sarah have a huge collection in Surrey England.  
Parish, Sarah Sarah and her husband Matt have a huge collection in Surrey England.  
Parr, Tyrone Collector of anything associated with davros and daleks in particular,but I also like many other dr items too.i am very keen on replica masks and heads at moment.
Parrish, Kevin My Doctor Who gallery is a collection of original Doctor Who artworks created by me, the artist and illustrator Kevin Parrish. The artwork is for sale. i am a full time artist. Visit the Doctor Who Gallery at    
Patocka, Mike Mike is a long time collector with a great Cyberman suit and Colin Baker 6th Doctor Shirt.  
Pederson, Chris Target Books, Original Art, Dapol...
Percival, Alan Alan has been a fan of Dr Who for as long as he can remember. His first memory of Dr Who was watching Sylvester McCoys opening story. His mum and two uncles helped his enthusiasm buying Dapol toys and the classic stories on VHS.  
Pryor, Bob and Nigel Bob and Nigel live by the seaside in Ramsgate Kent.Bobs been collecting since the show started and nigel since the mid 80s mainly merchandise but also building as well colecting props.  
Raymond, Andrew Andrew is a long time book, poster, trading card and most anything collector living in Columbus Ohio.    
Rowe, Andy My collection spanning from the 60s to present. A few oddities too !    
Rowley, Paul Collects mostly Character Options figures. Also co-maker of Doctor Who stop motion films with John Collier ( we are Penny Mix Films ).    
Santos, Dale Original Artwork    
Seuferling, Lynette I live in Lawrence, KS USA. I collect Doctor who and Torchwood items, including books, Dvds, action figures, statues, comic books, magazines, and autographs. FINDING ITEMS IN THE USA IS HARD TO FIND, SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE E-MAIL ME.    
Seymour, Thomas Ive been collecting Doctor Who Memrobelia for almost 8 years. Ive gained a large amount of the merchandise and props including rare pieces.  
Sheldon, Mark I collect only 12" Daleks from Product Enterprise and Character Options. I have a complete collection of these, plus a few very rare ones and some that Ive customised myself.    
Sholl, Diana Everything Doctor Who
Simmonds, Daniel England    
Sinclair, Caroline Caroline is a autograph and merchandise collector living in Scotland.    
Skinner, Jeremy Jeremy has been collecting Dr Who related items for over 25 years and has a keen interest in Doctor Who Artwork especially Target covers.  
Smith, Steven Steven has over 1000 Daleks in his Dr Who Collection. He also has a large back-issue collection of Radio Times.    
Smyth, Ed  
Sproston, Trevor Trevor is a Supply Teacher living in England where he collects Daleks of all kinds.    
Stacey, Kirk Kirk has a great Tardis Wardrobe that materialized in his Bristol England home.    
Sutton, James Prop maker & Collector of screen accurate and screen used props and costumes from Doctor Who  
Taylor, Jack I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and I have been collecting for 5 years. My collection is mainly CO figures.
Taylor, Simon Simon is a young collector (16) in the small village of Ryhall in the East Midlands of the U.K    
Thomas, Justin Justin Thomas
Tobin, John Collecting screen used props, production paperwork, scripts, plans and merchandise with a particular focus on the 1980s.  
Turner, Jason Autographed memoribilia    
Wade, Ryan Hello my name is Ryan. I am 22 years of age and mad about all things Doctor Who.
Walker, Craig DVDs, Signatures, Trading Cards, Conventions and mainly collect the first 4 doctors memorabilia  
Walters, Arrun all about videos, dvds, rare dalek models and magazines , books , cd ect..  
Walters, Paul My Doctor Who collection contains pieces of Merchandise mostly from the classic series, but the thing i enjoy most about Doctor Who merchandise is building the Dalek kits made by Sevans    
Warwood, Anthony Anthony lives in Cardiff, UK where he collects autographed photos, merchandise and a few replica props.  
Wearing, Tim Mixed collection of classic and new series merchandise plus 100+ unpublished behind-the-scenes photos from Colin Baker era.  
Wetherall, Ryan Im a good and devoted fan to dr who  
Wheeler, Tara Has a full sized TARDIS/Police Box, knits authentic Doctor Who scarves and tinkers with things. She is desperate to see any authentic Doctor Who Scarves and would dearly love any information on any still existing.
Wilson, David David is a long time collector living in Lithgow in New South Wales Australia.    
Young, Colin Col lives in Scotland and has a passion for Art, Props, and Photographs.

Name (Alias) Description Props Merchandise Art
Alex in London A large collection of original screen used props and costumes from stories starring Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, some even originating from the personal collection of John Nathan-Turner.    
Ben in London Ive been collecting Dr Who memorabilia for over 20 years now. My collection includes everything Who related  
Ben in Surrey A collector who collects things that he can buy without breaking the bank    
Brian From Bayshore Brian is a big Dapol collector living in New York.  
Chris in New York Lifelong Doctor Who fan with mostly classic series collection
Christian in Tewkesbury A mix of old and new merchandise props and artwork.
Daniel in Manchester I collect a number of things such as toys, books, CDs, DVDs, Models and keyrings. Im hoping to add to my collection soon.  
EDU in GRANOLLERS Poster      
Greg in Evansville A collector from the States, with items leaning towards the new series.
James in Nairn Only Collector In The Village :oP  
Jenny in Kent I like collecting all things Doctor Who related...
John in Bath Along with his 2 freinds rob and james john is a colector of anything doctor who related from props to videos between them they have a colection that includes some rare items which may not be seen anywere else
John in Berkshire Welcome to my collection of Doctor Who merchandise from all eras of the show. I am also slowly building a collection of screen-used props!  
john in dinburgh doctor who toys and collectors items  
John in Edinburgh doctor who toys and collectors items      
Katie in Manchester Katie got sucked into Doctor Who by the new series, and is quite happy being stuck in the fandom.    
KEVIN in LINCOLN Daleks, Cybermen & a few other things I like from Doctor Who (like K-9, the TARDIS & Davros)....
Kirsty in Cambridge Kirsty Harlequin. Announcing the collectors merchandise available for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Sterling silver and gold collectibles, stamped with a unique BBC London Hallmark and available for one year only.    
Lewis in Glasgow Lewis is a young collector living in the Glasgow area whos main collection consists of merchandise and collectables. Lewis is always hunting for more items so if you have any to offer then he is happy to cough up a pound or one hundred!    
Lynroy in Bradford Lynroy, United Kingdom    
Matt in London Matt has a collection of Original Dr Who Artwork, as well as a collection of memorabilia, spanning both Old and Nu Who. I also own one prop. A Robots of Death mask, cast from the original 70s mould. Believed to be created for the Visual Effects dept to
Michael in San Antonio A very ecclectic collection, Michael has toys, figures, autographs, masks, magazines, books, and a few other surprises hes working on in his ever growing collection.
Neil in Durham Have collected wide range of Doctor Who merchandise since the 1970s to present day. In 2009 I started to specialise in original Doctor Who artwork and some commissions too when possible.  
Neil in Northumberland Neil is a teacher that collect props and merchandise in Northumberland UK.  
Nick in Chichester A passion for all things dalek!
Paul in Bradford Pauls collection focuses on Trading Cards, Artwork, Big Chief figures and Autographs.  
Peter in Kent Peter resides in Kent England and has amassed a collection that most people can only aspire to own.
Peter in Manchester The Classic series in books. Then the afters that came in the 90s and into the new millenium.    
Reece in London Reeceys B&B (thats  
Richard in Essex Richard lives in Essex England where he enjoys collecting some of the early books and toys.  
Richard in Swansea  
Samuel in London A collector for over 25 years, Sam has a vast display of original props and costumes from all across the Who-niverse.  
stephen in wolverhampton Dalek army............... 31 ARC Dalek models (1/5 scale - 12" high) - all the TV episode versions - needing a new home!    
Tom in Northampton Toys, Movie items and sixties.  
Tony in Sunderland Tony is a collector of all things dr who from the north east of england.his collection includes props,merchindise and an original bbc dr who film reel from the 70`s

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