Books for Prop and Costume Collectors

The Doctor's Affect
by Steve Cambden
Published in 1999 this riveting book gives you behind the scenes information on the making of nine of the Doctors most popular stories. Steve being a life long Dr Who fan, worked on the series in 1979 and 1980 as K9's operator. This unique prospective has resulted in a great reading experience, filled with pictures and design sketches only available in this book. A must read for any Dr Who fan.
The Doctor's Effects
by Steve Cambden
The best behind the scene information you will ever find on Doctor Who. You get tons of insider, never before told stories about the production, special effects and BBC politics strait from the men and women that made the show. Thirty of the shows Special Effects Staff, Set Designers and Specialist Contractors talk about their memories of the show. Packed with pictures available no where else this book is a great read for a Dr Who fan and a MUST read for any Dr Who prop and costume collector.


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