Longleat House 3 April 1983

These pictures are from the now famous Doctor Who 20th anniversary celebration at Longleat House in Warminster Wiltshire England. This event drew far more people then the organizer ever imagined and many were turned away. Steven Smith, a great supporter of this website was one of the lucky people to make it to Longleat that faithful weekend. Standing at the front of the queue when the doors opened Sunday with his friends Gordon Lawson, Russell Atkinson and Nigel Harrott who all made the pilgrimage to Longleat together. Sadly Steven has lost touch with them all now and would love to hear from them. Steven has chosen to share his pictures of that event with us.

Thanks Steven!

Lord Bath


Dalek Display

Dalek Display
Jon Pertwee emerges from the Tardis

Jon Speaks to the crowd

The UNIT panel

Peter Davison in costume 

Pertwee at the auction

Carole Ann Ford auctions a Cyberhelmet

Black Orchid costume

Costume display

Omega costume

K9 showing his heart

Set display from The Five Doctors

Set display from The Five Doctors

Timelord Costume 



The auction list from
that weekend is available

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