Doctor Who Exhibition
in Blackpool
April 9th 2004

Some of the first photos of the newly opened exhibition in Blackpool. Scott Lindsay passed them along for our enjoyment.

Thanks Scott

This isn't Paris, but we are on Earth. United Kingdom, England, Lancashire Blackpool, The Promenade. Time: 2004, April 9th, around 9:10AM.

A few fans are already queuing. The exhibition itself is (appropriately) TARDIS-like - there's a lot more inside than the modest outside would suggest.

A rather bashful Tetrap One of the Hyde Fundraiser characters roaming around that day.

Candyman from the Happiness Patrol

Companions' costumes
(Turlough, Adric, Ace)

Cryon from Attack of the Cybermen

Fifi from the Happiness Patrol

The Garm from Terminus

The Giant Robot, displayed properly, with his head on.

Deserves a second look

A somewhat impressionistic photo of the cabinet full of weapons from
various episodes.

Husk from Ghostlight

Mandrel from Nightmare of Eden

Marshman from Full Circle.

Melkur from Keeper of Traken.

Morbius creature in a laboratory setting.

A Morlox from Timelash, and the ANT from Dragonfire.

The nemesis statue from Silver Nemesis.

A Nimon head

The Captain

The pool cleaning robot from Paradise Towers.

Costumes of the Rani (Time and the Rani) and the Master (Survival).

Sarcophagus from Pyramids of Mars.

A silurian.

A cabinet of miscellaneous items, including a Tetrap head, several Lakertyan hats, a Vervoid hand, a Mogarian helmet...

Colin Baker's costume.

Sontaran. Shame the eyes they fitted make it so dopey-looking.

The sad remains of the Terileptil android.

Tetrap, he just wants a hug!

Another picture of the Tetrap.

Jon Pertwee's jacket and Sarah's costume.

Zog from the Ultimate Adventure.

Display cases with Haemovore glove

Peter Davison's costume.

Foamasi and Pipe Person

Tom Baker Costume

Gods of Ragnorok


Sylvester McCoy Costume

Various Timelord costumes

Burnt Paradise Towers cleaning robot and Terileptil android.

The Cheetah People from Survival.

Two GSITG clowns.

The replica console. If you look carefully at the display cabinet on the background left, you'll see the imfamous squashed haemovore mask!

The Huge Dalek Display.

The Alien Delegate from Mindwarp and Omega from Arc of Infinity.

The dinosaur from Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

The Great Haemovore and a few lesser ones, from Curse of Fenric.

Ice Warrior.


The Mara

An assortment of masks from throughout the show's history.

The triangular cross-section display cabinets from llangollen.

Two sea devils.

The Mentors Sil and Kiv.

A variety of costumes, just itching to be identified!

A Yeti.

Control and a Mogarian

Navarino and magma creature

All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up



Display of various weapons.

Exhibition Entrance

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