USA Traveling Exhibition
February 28, 1987

These photos of the 1987 Doctor Who American Celebration and tour were donated by Clem Urban. This incarnation of the tour was in Birmingham, Alabama on the 28th of February 1987.

Clem's recollections of the day.

If you notice, Jon signed my program "Doc 3". I don't know if this was typical, but I think it may have been from a joke between us earlier in the day. When first introduced, this at-the-time new Doctor Who fan called him "Doc". Jon jokingly admonished me that that was NOT the way it was said in England! I really liked him, very nice guy.

It was an overcast day with a threat of rain, which is why the top is up on "Bessie". Most pics I've seen have her top down.

I was told the dent that can be seen on the top of the trailer in the back is because the driver tried to go under a bridge that was too low for the trailer.

Thanks for Sharing your visit with us Clem!

Exhibition Flyer

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