Regenerations 2006
23-24 September 2006

This gathering of Dr Who enthusiasts was held at the Swansea Marriott hotel the weekend of 23rd-24th September 2006 with a vast array of 32 guests.
Guests List
  • Sylvester McCoy
  • Nicholas Courtney
  • Richard Franklin
  • John Levene
  • Louise Jameson
  • Sophie Aldred
  • Roger Lloyd-Pack
  • Jennie Linden
  • Alan David
  • Mark Strickson
  • Terry Molloy
  • Gabriel Woolf
  • Anneke Wills
  • John Leeson
  • Sean Carlsen
  • Kyoko Morita
  • Nick Briggs
  • Conrad Westmaas
  • Alan Ruscoe
  • Charlie Ross
  • Ben Craze
  • Clayton Hickman
  • Tom Spilsbury
  • Mike Tucker
  • Colin Brake
  • Steve Wickham
  • David Bickerstaff
  • Ian Farrington
  • Stuart Manning
  • Joe Lidster
  • Scott Handcock
  • Gary Russell
Lisa Higgins attended the event
and passed along these photos.
Thanks Lisa!

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