Doctor Who and the Daleks II
2-3 October 2004

Dr. Who and the Daleks II was a two day event held in the Gladstone Hotel in Liverpool City Centre on the weekend of October 2nd and 3rd 2004. Once again our good friend Scott Lindsay was at the event and passed along these photos. Thanks Scott.

The Gladstone Hotel, where the event took place.

Main stage, with Mechanoid, Console and Tardis.

Sophie Aldred

Sophie and the TARDIS

The Big Finish crew. From the second across: Jason Haigh-Ellery, Gary Russell, Nick Briggs

"My God it's hot in there!" - Dale Who emerges from Gareth T. Dalek.

Collection of daleks

More Daleks

India Fisher

India at the TARDIS doors.

Clayton Hickman (editor of Dr Who Magazine)

K9 stands guard

Compere Mike Hall


Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen

Deborah Watling poses with Gareth T. Dalek.

Deborah Watling on stage

Anneke Wills

Three Daleks

Mike Hall loves the sound of his own voice

Composer Mark Ayres

Funky cyberman struts his stuff during video compilation.

More funky cyberman

Authors Paul Cornell (left) and Rob Shearman (right)

Authors Paul Cornell (left) and Rob Shearman (right)

Terry "Davros" Molloy. (Note the glove!)

Terry "Davros" Molloy

Terry "Davros" Molloy

Terry "Davros" Molloy

Terry "Davros" Molloy

Nicholas Courtney (with pint glass!)

Nicholas Courtney

Nick Courtney and Colin Baker

Nick Courtney and Colin Baker

Nick Courtney and Colin Baker

Nick Courtney and Colin Baker

Colin Baker

Colin Baker

Imperial Dalek



Offstage Theatre Group
Did a Zagreus/Willy Wonka
parody done as a radio-recording
whilst wearing costumes.

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