Doctor Who and the Daleks
6-7 March 2004

Dr. Who and the Daleks was a two day event held in the Gladstone Hotel in Liverpool City Centre on the weekend of March 6th and 7th 2004. Our good friend Scott Lindsay was at this event and passed along these photos. Thanks Scott.

The Gladstone Hotel, where the event took place.

Main stage, with daleks and skaro-beehive-things.

Colin Baker, on stage.

Colin Baker stepping from the tardis

John Levene's standup comedy routine.



Dalek and TARDIS next to stage-entrance



The Big Finish crew

Louise Jameson

John Scott Martin

India Fisher and Conrad Westmass

Sylvester McCoy's panel session.

Fraser Hines

Four Quiz contestants. Frank is 2nd from left.


Offstage Theatre group. Starting from the top left and going roughly clockwise, we have:
  • Doctor Who (big-screen Peter Cushing version) bickers with the First Doctor.
  • Jamie, the Second Doctor, and Victoria.
  • Katarina (!)
  • The Third Doctor.
  • Fourth Doctor and Romana.
  • Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Stein, and Turlough.
  • Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Rachel Jenson.
  • Peri and the Sixth Doctor.
  • Ben and Polly.
  • Fourth Doctor and Davros with Nyder ("sorry, I thought you said Nightrider") in the background.

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