Doctor Who Galactic Dinner
In aid of Children in Need
14 October 2005

Our good friend and long time supporter of the site Peter in Kent attended the event with his daughter Jade.

Peter passed along this account of their night and photos to share with us.

" I arrived in Cardiff at around 5.30 and went for a look around to see locations that Boom Town was filmed at. Went to the millennium building, monument and the restaurant that was used in boom town. Also went to Howells Department Store that was Hendricks in the 1st episode Rose.

After changing I went with my daughter Jade who's 7 to the Holland House Hotel in Cardiff at 7.30 where we were provided with a pre dinner bucks fizz and orange juice for Jade. At around 8.00 we queued up to enter the banquet hall where we were greeted with a line up consisting of Julie Gardner, RTD, Billie Piper, David Tenant, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke, Phil Collinson and Murray Gold. Wow what a great start that was. We then went to our table, all the tables were named eg. ours was called 'Nestene Consciousness'. The stars table was called 'The Time Lords'. At each chair was a goodie bag consisting of a Tardis Phone alert, a key ring, a series one magazine, a postcard and a last Dalek computer game. On the table was a form to fill with your name and address, filling this out will ensure that you receive a personal Xmas card signed by Billie & David. There was the Tardis there from the series and a Dalek (photos attached). After dinner was a question and answer session for RTD, Billie, David, Noel and Camille. My daughter one of the 10 people selected to ask a question. After the question and answer session was the charity auction. Among the items for auction were a remote controlled Dalek signed by Billie and David which went for 650. A signed life size cutout of Rose that went for 650. A framed Dalek art design which went for 2000. 2 Gas masks from the Empty child/Dr Dances which went for 1600. A fully working Slitheen arm that went for 4000. An orb from End of the World that went for 1000 (RTD bought it himself). A tube of Antiplastic from Rose that went for 700 and a robotic spider from End of the World that went for 2000.

After all this everyone was ready to dance (Lisa Scott Lee a British pop star performed). This was also a good opportunity to mingle and chat to the stars. This was when I got autographs and photos.

All in all this was probably one of the best evenings of my life, considering what we were provided with and the accessibility to the stars of the show the 100 a ticket seemed particularly cheap. Most of all Jade had a wonderful time and the stars absolutely loved her as she was the youngest there. I left with my Daughter at around 12.30 although apparently RTD was still drinking and chatting till around 2 in the morning.
" Peter in Kent.

Thanks Peter!

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The Event
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Dalek on Display
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The Invitation
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The Menu
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The Program

Meeting the Celebrities

Jade and Peter

Jade, David Tennant and Peter

Peter, Jade and Billie Piper

Jade, Camille Coduri and Peter

Jade, Peter and Russell T Davies

Noel Clarke and Jade

The Auction

Autographs Obtained At The Event

Billie Piper

Camille Coduri

David Tennant

Noel Clarke

Russell T Davies

Shooting Locations Visited

Hendricks in the 1st episode Rose

Boom Town Location

Boom Town Location

Boom Town Location

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