Shawn Levy

Shawn and son Adam from Romford

Shawn has been collecting Dr Who merchandise since the late 70's/ early 80's, starting with the dr who weekly's and is proud to own a complete set. Having stopped in the 90's to enjoy married life and start a family. With no more Dr Who on t.v the collection ended up in the loft. The news of the return of Dr Who was a dream come true for son Adam, having been watching Dr Who on uk Gold, he was to enjoy his own doctor. Adam is collecting all the new merchandise and the collection now has pride of place in his bedroom.   

shawn can be contacted by Email shawn

Enjoy this small sample of
shawn's Collection

7ths Dr jumper and umbrella
editors prints from dwm
Evening Standard paper
evening standard poster
poster advertisement with 3 doctors
rare 6th Dr poster and postcard
script from the Dr Who play and animation sequences.
shef 1
shelf 2
shelf 3
shelf 4
shelf 5
the display cabinet
tom baker doll
video cabinet

shawn can be contacted by Email shawn
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