Van Donovan

Van is a recent collector of all things "Doctor Who" but not to collecting as a whole. As a child, he was quite fond of horses, but was frequently denied the chance to obtain the My Little Ponies he so very much wanted. By the age of 16, eBay was just getting off the ground, and he discovered he could reclaim some of his lost youth. Between the ages of 16 and 21, his My Little Pony collection expanded beyond his wildest dreams, and had opened the gateway to other such avenues of collection. In 1998, he began collection animation cels for Japanese anime programs. He also began collecting action figures (mostly MIB) for shows such as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Voltron, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Terminator 2 and other such novelty pieces.

He got into collecting "Doctor Who" merchandise in 2006, with the purchase of the "Regeneration Set" featuring the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. That quickly expanded to several of the other items in the toy line, and then beyond into the older Doctors as he became more familiar with the history of the show. Now his primary focus is the Second and Fourth Doctors (and companions Jamie and Adric). He is a moderate collector of autographs, especially fond of those he can obtain in person.

Additionally, Van is also a big fan of costuming and has, to date, pulled of three "Doctor Who" costumes: Tenth Doctor S1, Fourth Doctor S18 and Jamie McCrimmon (The Mind Robber), with plans to cosplay several more in the future. He`d certainly love to get into collecting props and costume pieces (the "State of Decay" Adric costume that went on eBay a few months ago had him juggling funds to see if it was fesible, alas it wasn`t), but currently his budget cannot afford it.

His collection will likely never be a huge one, as he is not a completist and doesn`t desire to collect everything in a set, or all variations, etc. But for the items he does want, he`ll go out of the way to get them because thats all he wants, as opposed to the whole set.

Van is a pretty laid back and friendly 25-year-old, living in Southern California. Feel free to say hello. :)

Van can be contacted by Email Van

Enjoy this small sample of
Van's Collection

Patrick Troughton Comet Miniatures Model
Danbury Mint Jamie Chess Piece
Danbury Mint Adric Chess Piece
Tom Baker Autograph (magazine)
Colin Baker Autograph (paper)
John Levene Autograph (paper)
John Levene Autograph (photo)
Matthew Waterhouse Autograph (photo)
Matthew Waterhouse Autograph (photo)
Geoffrey Beeves Autograph (paper)
Doctor Who (and related) books
Doctor Who Magazines
Doctor Who DVDs
Frazer Hines Autograph (photo)

Van can be contacted by Email Van
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