Samuel in London

Sam has been a collector for the last 25 years, with a focus on original props and costumes spanning the entire Who-niverse. 


With an extensive collection, he has items from the classic series dating back to 1976, and covering every series from season 17 through to season 26 (other than season 19). 


He is always keen to learn of other collections and chat with other collectors, tracking down the history of other props and costumes, reuniting pieces that have been separated, and would naturally welcomes any offers of items for sale. 


He is particularly interested in hear about the following items:


  • Items relating to the Timelords and Chancellery Guard
  • Items from Season 17 
  • Items from Season 19
  • Crew uniforms from Resurrection Of The Daleks
  • A Cryon Head
  • Pex
  • Silver Nemesis Bow
  • Items from K9 & Company



Samuel can be contacted by Email Samuel

Enjoy this small sample of
Samuel's Collection

Complete Arcalian Time Lord

Samuel can be contacted by Email Samuel
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