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DALEK models.  I manged to obtain 31 Daleks, made by ARC modellers of Shefiield, in approx 2004/5.  Thy remain in the cardboard boxes, wrapped in bubblewrap and looking for a new home.  They represent all the Dalek types, right up to the Ecclestone era

 If interested in purchasing them, please contact me................. 07717 258063.


stephen can be contacted by Email stephen

Enjoy this small sample of
stephen's Collection

Type 3 Dalek.
This Dalek featured in the Doctor Who TV Storys THE CHASE & THE DALEKS MASTERPLAN. the model also comes with the alternative flame thrower.
Dalek Supreme
This DALEK featured in the Doctor Who TV Story PLANET OF THE DALEKS and is radically different from the regular DALEKS.

stephen can be contacted by Email stephen
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