Richard in Essex

Richard lives in Essex, England where he runs an Entertainments Agency. His earliest memories of Doctor Who are from Jon Pertwees final season when he was just four years old. It was Tom Bakers portrayal of the Doctor that really solidified Richard as a lifelong fan of the series.

The first piece of Doctor Who memorabilia that he remembers getting was a copy of the Target novelisation The Three Doctors at the tender age of five years old. Not possessing adequate reading skills yet he would make his Dad read the book to him. "Omegas palace on the written page sounded absolutely magnificent!" Richard recalls.

Richards collection quickly expanded, with his Nan giving him a Picolo Making of Doctor Who, followed with his Aunt giving him The Dalek Outer Space Book and his parents bought him annuals, more Target books and all the latest Denys Fisher range. A few years later, around 1978, Richard remembers their local grocery shop had a basket filled with Hertz Mechanoid toys where his Mum bought one for him at the outrageous price of 35p. To bad she didn’t buy the whole lot! These days Richard’s collecting tastes lean toward toys and books from the 60s and 70s, autographs and the occasional prop. He is a big internet buyer, mostly using eBay but he does make it to the occasional collectors fair and boot sale.

You can find Richard on the Message Board under the name "Fudge".

Richard can be contacted by Email Richard

Enjoy this small sample of
Richard's Collection

Tardis Wardrobe
Ice Warrior and Cyberman
Supreme Dalek
Tom Baker point of sale promotional
Cherilea Daleks
Bell Toys Doctor Whos Astro Ray Dalek Gun
Cowan, de Groot Mechanical Dalek
Cutta-mastic Doctor Who and the Daleks
Cutta-mastic Doctor Who and the Daleks 1966 version
Selcol Dalek Nursery Toy
Raphael Lipkin Dr Who Money Box
Louis Marx Rolykins
Louis Marx Rolykins prototype
Thomas Hope & Sankey Hudson stand-up jigsaw
Herts Plastic Moulders Mechanoid
Herts Plastic Moulders Dalek
Louis Marx Bagatelle
Louis Marx 4.5" Friction Drive Dalek
Cowan, de Groot Dalek Money Box
Louis Marx Dalek Shooting Game
Bell Toys Dalek Eraboard Set
Bell Toys The Dalek Oracle
Cowan, de Groot Dodge The Daleks
Chad Valley Give-A-Show
War Of The Daleks
Richard and his son met Colin Baker in 2004

Richard can be contacted by Email Richard
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