Richard Fullerton

A collector based in Worcestershire with a passion for Doctor Who (and other shows) on interesting formats.

Hi there! My name is Richard, and my interest in Doctor Who began well before the new series. While I didn't see the original transmission, I always consider Jon Pertwee my Doctor; with my first story being the Sea Devils on it's Double-VHS release. I then went on to see Tomb of the Cybermen (still a favourite) and The Dalek Invasion of Earth. These three primed my interest in the series and shall always be favourites.

Initially I did not collect anything particularly unique; ie. VHS, DVD and Target Novelisations, as well as some toys.

I have picked up a few autographs along the way, but only by an actual meeting (ie. Colin Baker, Terry Molloy). I'm not an autograph collector.

Over the years my interests have begun to merge. I am an avid 16mm/super 8mm film collector- and doctor who is a particular interest in that area. I have a print of my own, and am always on the lookout for more (I have had offers, but unfortunately my funds are few and far between). If anyone has any they would like to discuss, I'd be happy to talk.

I hope you enjoy my collection. I haven't uploaded pictures yet; but I intend to in the near future.


Richard can be contacted by Email Richard

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16mm Tenth Planet EP.2

Richard can be contacted by Email Richard
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