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The Target Book Project
The whole reason for me being a Who fan is most likely the influence of the Target books, even more so than the actual show itself!
I was always most captivated by the cover artwork, by such iconic artists as Chris Achilleos, Jeff Cummins and later on Andrew Skilleter and Alister Pearson.
A few years ago Telos produced a book detailing the history of the Target published Dr Who novelisations, called 'The Target Book'.
The book itself came in 3 flavours, a paperback massmarket edition with a pictorial Alister Pearson cover featuring the first 3 Drs and a limited edition (150) hardback with a white leatherette binding.  It also came in a blue leatherette Tom Baker special binding.  
I bought the 1st white limited edition and thought it would be fun to start commissioning various Who artists to decorate the interior for me, it's a good book to use for that, for as well as the dark blue endpapers it also has a fair few blank pages, plus a number of advert pages that advertise other Telos publications.  
Prior to letting the artists loose on the book I first prepare the page to be used by removing all the printing and then putting down a few layers of gesso for a base to work upon.
I've had quite a few done now.
For published artwork that is not painted directly into my book go to the dedicated 'artwork' section.  I collect comic artwork for the most part.  There's a huge array of titles that have been published throughout the decades and a lot of art to try and go after.
I try to concentrate on the images I like the most and that present the best.  This will usually mean a cover or a splash page.  Though I also have a few individual spot illustrations.
I've set the pictures out so that it's the original art on the left with what the final published work looked like next to it. 
I'm not overly precious about having to keep a piece forever so if you like a particular piece then feel free to contact me and try to prise it from my grasp.  I like to trade for the most part, but hey, a fistfull of cash works just as well!

James can be contacted by Email James

Enjoy this small sample of
James's Collection

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Peter Cushing and Matt Smith (this is the two Dr team up Id love to see)
William Hartnell on the Web Planet
Patrick Troughton and Yeti
Patrick Troughton and Yeti
Jon Pertwee and a few Monsters
Jon Pertwee in some TV Action
The Deadly Assassin
Tom Baker as only Tom Baker can look
Peter Davison faces off against some Triffids
Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker
Paul McGann and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Christopher Eccleston and the Empty Child
David Tennant and The War of the Worlds
The little known Cybermen Annual from the 60s
Sontarans! (coloured in)
Tom Baker as the 4th Dr
Tom Baker Robot Radio Times
Curse of the Cybermen Target cover
Matt Smith Multi (9) Sketch Card Commission

James can be contacted by Email James
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