Jack Taylor

I have been collecting Character Options figures since their release in 2006. I have a large collection of 5'' Daleks (35 in total) and over 150 CO 5'' action figures. I also like to aquire props and more recently artwork. My favourite items in my collection are my full size 'Revelation' (Necros) Dalek and my 'UK 100' Time Crash Set. I am always on the lookout for classic figures and SDCC exclusives. You can find me on Youtube (drwhosnippets) where I review the latest CO figures. *More pictures to come soon!*

Jack can be contacted by Email Jack

Enjoy this small sample of
Jack's Collection

Army of CO NSD Daleks
Dalek Sec (R/C & standard version)
Dalek Sec (R/C & standard version) - side view
Complete set of 5 Paradigm Daleks
The Scientist and The Drone

Jack can be contacted by Email Jack
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