Christian in Tewkesbury

A mix of old and new merchandise props and artwork.

Christian can be contacted by Email Christian

Enjoy this small sample of
Christian's Collection

Millenium FX Sonic Screwdriver
Radio Times Proof Cover artwork
Radio Times proof cover artwork.
8 Product Enterprise 12" Remote Control Daleks.
Pencil Cases with tags. TARDIS one reads 1982 Dalek one reads 1984
Dapol Merchandise
Product Enterpris Roll-a-matic Daleks
Bubble Bath!
Product Enterprise 6" Talking Daleks
An unofficial machined Sonic and a display I made using the plastic "toy" sonics available
A Tom Baker figure and TARDIS donated by TB for a charity auction.
All 5 "Paradigm" Daleks
Playmates Figures in different to usual packaging exclusive to Tesco
Playing cards and Top Trumps
Annuals and Radio Times
Room pic 1
Room pic 2
Room pic 3

Christian can be contacted by Email Christian
All of the pictures on this page are the property of Christian in Tewkesbury and may not be used or reproduced in any way without his explicit written consent.

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