Tim Brown

Tim Brown of Welland, Ontario Canada has been collecting Doctor Who merchandise for well over 20 years now. As with many of us, he purchases a lot of his items on-line now that this rich market has opened up.  Tim is pleased to own a unusual photo of John Nathan-Turner that has been signed by Janet Fielding right across his teeth.  When the stars are aligned just the right way Tim would love to add a Planet Earth life-size Dalek replica to his collection.

Tim can be contacted by Email Tim

Enjoy this small sample of
Tim's Collection

autographed Revelation of the Daleks DVD
autographed The Mind Robber DVD
Dalek game
Dalek game
Dalek toys
DW Toys
Earthshock Cyberman
Hartnell and Troughton B&W Action Figures
Mondas Cyberman
Pertwee Action Figure
Radio Controlled 12" Black Dalek
Sonic screwdriver
Cyber Mug
Dalek Poster
Doctor Who CDs
Audio Cassettes
Docto Who Records
Tom Baker Scarf
Audio and Video
Magazines and Fan Publications
Dalek Army
Research Books

Tim can be contacted by Email Tim
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