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Im a big fan of miniature figures, mainly daleks. My Doctor who collection isnt massive and none of the items in it were purchased for more than £30. Everything in the collection is up for trade, so email me at for any enquiries. Or go to BlazeXploder on the message board.

 I like to collect little things, and my dream would be to find the playing pieces of any dalek game at a carboot. My Best luck so far has been the War of The Daleks board game figures, but my eye is always on the lookout.

I am currently enquiring about saving a full size black/silver/gold movie dalek that is out on display in a shop in Guildford, and has been falling into disrepair (kids are allowed to climb on it!). Its appendages are falling off (the gun is now missing all of its mesh) but the eyestalk has been set aside.


The item im currently after is a Dapol Transmat Dalek, although any dapol dalek will fit in well.

Ben can be contacted by Email Ben

Enjoy this small sample of
Ben's Collection

Walls and Son Dr Who Adventures in Space Booklet
Dr Who Walls Adventures in Space (inside)
Armada Books Dr who and the Daleks
Home Painted Shipmaster
Painted Citadel Miniature Dalek
Scale for the Citadel miniatures
A Whole Load of Target Novels
Sun DVD promotion DVDs
The Front of the Sun Advertising its DVD promotion
My Mini army of Citadel Daleks
Dr Who (Ron Grainer) EP
Dalek Mutant
Dalek Omnibus
Arc Dalek Base Close-up
Arc Dalek Label
An Arc Dalek
Destroyed Cyberman
Dalek Scrapyard
Salvaged Dalek
Dalek Workstation

Ben can be contacted by Email Ben
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