Tara Wheeler

Tara Wheeler has been a fan of Doctor Who since she was fourteen years old.

She started attending American Doctor Who conventions in the 1980's and has met the actors who have played Doctors Two through Eight. 

In June 1987, John Nathan Turner invited her to tour the BBC where she watched the filming of Dragonfire.

She just recently attended her first UK convention where she finally met Tom Baker.

She hopes to meet the new boys sometime soon since she's met most of their support staff (Russel T. Davies, Julie Gardner, Phil Collinson & Stephen Moffat).

She has an autograph collection contained in a copy of The Doctor Who Technical Manual that has autographs from both new and old Who.

She owns and maintains the website wittylittleknitter.com dedicated to the knitting of Doctor Who Scarves

 She is desperate to see any authentic Doctor Who Scarves and would dearly love any information on any still existing.

Tara can be contacted by Email Tara

Enjoy this small sample of
Tara's Collection

The Prize of my Collection
Season Twelve in Brown Sheep Nature Spun
Season Thirteen Scarf in Cascade 220
TARDIS Kleenex Box

Tara can be contacted by Email Tara
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