Cory Eadson

A large focus on merchandise items (as props are harder to get hold of!)

Cory can be contacted by Email Cory

Enjoy this small sample of
Cory's Collection

The Doctor Who Canvas and TARDIS Playset
The Doctor Who Canvas and TARDIS Playset Large Version
Latest Figures
Latest Figures
Latest Figures
DWM - Jan 2005-August 2009
Target Novels
Target Novels: New Purchases
The Crusaders
Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar
Doctor Who: The Legend
Inside The Cover Of The Legend
The Doctor Who Handbooks (Complete Collection)
Autograph Collection
Autograph Collection: David Tennant, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan
My Autograph Collection: Terry Molloy, 2
Caroline John Autograph
Caroline John Note, Side 1
Caroline John Note, Side 2
Christina Cole Card Autograph 1
Christina Cole Card Autograph 2
Sally Sparrow Alien Armies Card, Autographed By Carey Mulligan
Colin Baker Autograph Close-Up
Colin Baker Note Close-Up
A Shrine to the Eleventh Doctor
Desktop Who
Doctor Who 30th Anniversary Card Set
My DVD Collection
New Series DVDs
My Radio Times Doctor Who Collection
Radio Times Collection: 2010
Radio Times: 40th Anniversary Celebration
Ducktor Who and Doctor Who Cup

Cory can be contacted by Email Cory
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