John in Bath

only johns section of the collection is curently up. props and rare items will be part of james and robs collection items

Along with my 2 freinds rob and james we have collected a large section of props, costumes and other doctor who items of interest. we have been colecting for the last 6 years and use are props and costumes to make our own doctor who videos for are freinds.

 items we are looking for

cyberman chest unit (earthshock or silver nemesis)

cyberman head (earthshock or silver nemesis)

cybermat (any)

all segmants of key to time

tardis wall panels

any screen used props

any doctor who artwork



John can be contacted by Email John

Enjoy this small sample of
John's Collection

Doctor Who books (johns)
Doctor Who books (johns)
Doctor Who books (johns)

John can be contacted by Email John
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