Kyle Butler

Kyle Lives in Doncaster and has been collecting Dr who Props and Merchandise for 6 years now. He mostly get his thing's from E-BAY, carboots, local market and many other shops.He has just started restoring his Cyberman head from the story Moonbace and will shortly be compleat. The first story he saw was The Daleks first Dalek story. He saw it on video.Kyle and his Dad have made a full size dalek from the story Remembrance of the Daleks the black and silver type.  Kyle can be seen on the message board as kylebutler.I will be more than happy if you ask any questions. Hope you enjoy my collection.



Kyle can be contacted by Email Kyle

Enjoy this small sample of
Kyle's Collection

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Props Merchandise

The Ark DVD
The Tomb Of The Cybermen
Mind Robber
The Invasion
War games
Revenge Of The Cybermen
The Hand Of Fear
Warrors Gate
Time Flight
Arc Of Infinity
Mawdrn Undead
The Kings Demonds
Warriors Of The Deep
Resurection Of The Daleks
Planet Of Fire
Attack Of The Cybermen
Mark of the Rani
Revelation On The DALEKS
Time And The Rani
Paradise Towers
Delta And The Bannermen
Silver Nemesis
Ghost Light
The Curse Of Fenric
S1 Vol 2
Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1
Doctor Who Dalek Movies DVD

Kyle can be contacted by Email Kyle
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