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1960s Louis Marx - Black
1960s Louis Marx - Grey
1960s Louix Marx - Red
Marx 60s Prototype Rolykin
Dalek Invasion of Earth Dalek with Silver Sensor Dish
Dalek Invasion of Earth with Black Sensor Dish
Dalek Masterplan Dalek with Pyro-flame
The Chase Dalek with Electrode Unit
The Chase Dalek with Perceptor
Movie Rolykin - Gold
Movie Rolykin - Red
Movie Rolykin - Black
Movie Rolykin - Blue Head
Movie Rolykin - Silver Head
Movie Dalek - Gold Metal
Movie Rolykin - Silver Metal
Battle Dalek
Supreme Dalek
Command Dalek
Drone Dalek
Emperor Dalek
Imperial Dalek
Blue Metal
Silver Metal
Red Metal
Steel Metal
Gold Metal
Green Metal
Incubating Dalek - Green
Incubating Dalek - Yellow
Battlefield Convention Movie Dalek
Chrome Special Weapons Gunner Dalek
Special Weapons Gunner Dalek
Christmas Dalek Ornament
Rolykin to celebrate release of PE Talking Dalek
Rolykin Prototype - Blue
Rolykin Prototype - Gold
Rolykin Prototype - Purple
Rolykin Prototype - Yellow
Rolykin Prototype - Green
Rolykin Prototype - Grey
PE Chrome Dalek prior to painting
Letter from Product Enterprise
Letter from Product Enterprise

Jeremy can be contacted by Email Jeremy
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