James Main

James is 17 years old and lives in Scotland in the little forgotten town of Nairn, he was introduced to doctor who by his father and the wonders of UKTV gold at the age of 8, this episode was the Tom Baker story Logopolis (Thanks to Alan for helping to identify it)

Ever since this James has been a fan and with some digging in his grandmothers house he managed to find some of his dads doctor who items (3 target books and a William Hartnell Annual)

Since the new series James collection began to grow with the adding of more CO toys each week

James's favourite part of his collection is his DVD's and his aim is to have somthing for every episode (with help from certain reconstruction groups)

so because of his collection getting to large for his bedroom this is the reason James came here so he could pack up some of his collection but still have a record of it.

James is aslo a regular on the Collectors Message board under the name "Mr Saxon"

James can be contacted by Email James

Enjoy this small sample of
James's Collection

Radio Times 15-21 April 2006
Radio Times 13-19 May 2006
TV & SATELLITE WEEK 17-23 June 2006
Radiotimes 8-14 July 2006
Radiotimes 21-27 October 2006

James can be contacted by Email James
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