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Well, in 1986 I watched my first episodes of Doctor Who.  I don't remember the very first, but among the first were The Deadly Assassin, Kinda, and Castrovalva.  I was fairly interested, but didn't really sink my teeth in until around 1989 when I moved from Houston, Texas to Muncie, Indiana (back home).  I was upset by the fact that this wonderful series was without any easily accessible collectables as I'd collected comic books since I was younger (around 1980 is where I got my start).  However, I was not denied, and cultivated a paperback and video collection showly but surely.  Now, I've got hundreds of Who items, and look for more whenever I can!


Over the years I've gotten hundreds of novels including the new series.  This Christmas I got a hardback book and a audiobook from the better half.  I'm always looking for good items, but finances and availability are generally roadblocks.  I'm eager about the US release of comic books, and might start collecting the new figures, but haven't started much on the new items.  Nothing gets my blood flowing like a rare but classic Doctor Who collectable.  I'm always on the lookout for somehting I don't have. 


My hope is that I can help others with their collection as well as supliment my own on this site.  But, most of all would love to get to know other collectors of what I consider the single greatest epic in Sci Fi and Television history!



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Jared can be contacted by Email Jared
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