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Hello all!

I've been collecting Doctor Who merchandise since the age of 6.  I was off school ill and laid up in bed I remember my Mum coming home from work and giving me a paper bag.  Opening it up, I found a copy of the Target novel - 'Doctor Who and the web of fear'.  This was the first time I would be introduced to a previous Doctor and I read the book within a couple of days.  Naturally, I needed another so my Mum went off and got me another ... and then another ... and that was that!  Anything with a Doctor Who logo on was then sought, Target books, Denys Fisher toys, comics and this has continued up to this very day.  So Mum, its all your fault!  hehe.

I am proud to say that I have a complete collection of Target books, BBC VHS and DWM.   I still cant quite believe that the BBC VHS range took 20 years to release and I'm very thankful that the DVD equivalents don't seem to be taking as long!  So heres to the merchandise - I'm loving it.



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Justin can be contacted by Email Justin
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