Bedwyr Gullidge

I have been interested in Doctor Who since seeing the 1992 repeat of 'The Sea Devils', 'Battlefield' and 'Genesis of the Daleks' at the age of 6. The next Christmas I was given 'Ressurection of the Daleks' on VHS and it totally captured my imagination. From that first video it has grown massively and I now have every Doctor Who story released by the BBC onto VHS, including all the Edited and Unedited versions of stories such as Robots of Death, and the original copy of Revenge of the Cybermen in it's oversized box. I have now come to the point where I'm running out of space to display it all nicely but when I get a bigger house a collection room will be top of the agenda. Like most fans I never considered the show that I loved so much would be back on our TV screens, and that it would be so damn good! I was very fortunate to be able to achieve a dream of mine and actually work on the show in a very small capacity and cherish the call sheets with my name on with immense pride.

Please enjoy looking at my collection.

Bedwyr can be contacted by Email Bedwyr

Enjoy this small sample of
Bedwyr's Collection

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Props Merchandise

Made in Wales Exhibition
Assorted items
The Collection
The Collection
Costume Collection
Martha Jones costume
Martha Jones costume
John Barrowman autograph
Janet Fielding (Tegan) autograph
Nicholas Courtney (The Brig) autograph
Sarah Sutton (Nyssa) autograph
Original scripts for Revelation of the Daleks (1985)
Revelation of the Daleks scripts
Royal Mail 50th Anniversary stamps
Classic Series DVD Boxsets
DVD collection
Doctor Who New Series boxsets
Doctor Who novels
New Series DVD collection
Crew T-Shirt
Crew T-Shirt
Doctor Who Experience staff t-shirt
Action figures
Doctor Who Live tour t-shirt

Bedwyr can be contacted by Email Bedwyr
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