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Hi Everyone,

Below are MOST of the Character Options Dr Who figures I own. Following the end of David Tennants era I have decided to stop collecting the new figures (although my son does has some opened ones to play with from the Matt Smith era).

With an ever expanding range of classic figures being released I have also decided to stop collecting these. Storage space is now limited and money is being spent on silly things like diesel, clothes and food! I will try to update the page to include the final figures I have, including any new ones I might get.

Please look at Merchandise for the latest signed items and Artwork for some by myself and friend Matt Nadin.

Alan can be contacted by Email Alan

Enjoy this small sample of
Alan's Collection

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Merchandise Artwork

Damaged Cyberman
Character Options Figures - Boxsets
Empress of Racnoss and The Face of Boe
Genesis Ark and Daleks
Daleks in Manhattan
The Doctor, The Doctor and Captain Jack
Wave One Figures
Werewolf, Rose & K-9, Moxx of Balhoon
Chip & Cassandra, Cyber Controller, Krillitane (grey)
Slitheen, Cyberman, Krillitane (brown)
Sycorax Leader, Regeneration Doctors, Cassandra
Auton Double Pack, Jack and The Empty Child and Assault Dalek.
Slitheen and Space Pig, Mutant Reveal Dalek and Moxx of Balhoon
Captain Jack and 9th Doctor
Constantine and Gelth Zombie (again)
The Editor, Gelth Zombie, Genetic Print Dalek
10th Doctor and Sycorax Warrior
Jack, The Doctor and Chip & Destroyed Cassandra
Rose and Mickey
Grey Krillitane, Doctor in Spacesuit, Rose and Chip
Rose and The Doctor with different gadgets
Two Clockwork Men and an Ood
Cyberman, Dalek Sec, Werewolf
Faceless Granny, The Hoix, Toby
Toby, Ood, Destroyed Cassandra
Doctor, Sarah Jane and K-9 and Novice Hame
Hybrid Sec and Dalek Thay
Lilith, Damaged Dalek Thay, Judoon Captain
Laszlo, Weeping Angel, The Master, Doctor in Pentallion Suit
The Doctor, Novice Hame, Brannigan
Astrid Peth
Judoon Trooper and Martha Jones
Scarecrow, Weeping Angel (Screaming), Prof. Yana
Sontaran Commander Skorr, The Doctor and Donna
Sontaran Trooper, Natural Ood, Ood Sigma and Pyrovile Priestess
Davros, Supreme Dalek, Vashta Nerada
Time Lord, River Song, Hath Peck
4th, 5th and 6th Doctor
Back of the Classic Series Figures
Zygon, Sea Devil and SV7 Robot
D84 & Magnus Greel
Invasion and Next Doctor Cybermen
Tomb and Tenth Planet Cybmermen

Alan can be contacted by Email Alan
All of the pictures on this page are the property of Alan Percival and may not be used or reproduced in any way without his explicit written consent.

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