Tom Coffey

Tom lives in southern Illinois and has been a Doctor Who fan since his childhood when he started watching it on his local Public Television Station (PBS). At that time they only aired the Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davison stories. These were repeated many times before the station stopped broadcasting the Doctor all together in the mid 1980s. Tom kept up his enthusiasm by collecting the few books and videos available at his local (and not so local) stores. Which is not much as any USA fan can attest to. When the Internet exploded onto the scene Tom, like a lot of us found eBay and his collection grew to what we see today. With the Seal of Rassilon tattooed on his arm there is no doubt of his dedication to the Doctor.

Being such a loyal fan, Toms wife Brandy wanted to make him a special gift. She crafted a soft bathroom decoration in the image of the Fourth Doctor that was named a Bathroom Buddy (He's in picture #6 next to Romana). This was expanded to 15 characters being produced by her with collectors all over the world enjoying the hard work.

Tom can be contacted by Email Tom

Enjoy this small sample of Tom's Collection

Ceramic Tiles
Plates and PE Toys
Target Books and Buddies 7-10
DVDS and books
Cards, Buddies, Books and Misc
Doctors and Daleks
Puzzles, Books and Misc
Puzzles, Models, Cards and Misc
Puzzles, Games, Toys, Books
Games, Puzzle, Buttons and Pens

Tom can be contacted by Email Tom
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