Terence and Paul Barlow

Terence and Paul Barlow live in Warrington Cheshire UK. Terence has been a fan of Dr Who since the 70's and he remembers Jon Pertwee as the first Doctor he watched. Paul has been a fan a bit longer, since the 60's, he remembers watching the first William Hartnell Dalek adventure. The two are very new to collecting Dr who items with their primary interest on merchandise. They find most of their items on eBay and show them in a dedicated display room.

You can find Terence and Paul on the message board under the name drwhofan.

You can see Terence and Paul's complete collection on the website they maintain. http://drwhofans.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/

Terence and Paul can be contacted by Email Terence and Paul

Enjoy this small sample of Terence and Paul's Collection

Nole Clark Autograph
4th Doctor Replica Scarf

Corgi, 2003
BBC Computer Game 1983

Mugs, 1993


New series, 2005/06
Product Enterprises, Sensorite, 2002.

K9 Anniversary Pendent
Non Eleri Hughes"Continuity", Will Willoughby
"Stunts" 2005
Dr Who Figures 2006



Target Books


1965 Books

Deny's Fisher Tom Baker
Clockwork Daleks
Giant Robot

Costume Cards
Roll-A-Matics Daleks
Lamp Shades

MOMI Posters
K9 Pendants
Pencil Case

Birchcroft China items

Colin Baker Signed Items

Richardwho Patch

Jigsaw Puzzles

Sonic Pen and Tardis Key
Bubble Bath

Dalek and Cyberman Bottle Stoppers

Bally Pinball Discs


One Part Of Their Exhibition
Dr Who Exhibition Merchandise

Key rings
Dr Who Gloves, 1984

1965 Rolykins

Dalek Record, 1966

Badge worn by Tom Baker (replica) in City of Death
Plastoid Dalek Badge

Dapol 35th anniversary Tardis

Bally promotional Cutout - 1992

Bally promotional discs - 1992

Dalek World Annual
The Dalek Book

4 limited edition plates
Game Of Time & Space - 1980

The Daleks Master plan Film Cells
Limited to 200

Cyberman prop head - Wheel In Space
20th anniversary Longleat programme

Collection of 4 Waddingtons Jigsaws 1980's

30th Anniversary items

Dr Who bookmarks

Tom & Sylvester signed stamp 1st day covers

1st & 2nd Dr Who annuals

1967 Walls Ice cream cards

War of the Daleks game

Viewmaster Reels

Display Stand

30th Anniversary Cards


Dalek Corner
Fourth Doctor Scarf replica

Replica Dalek Camera

Sheercast Doctors

Dapol Toys

Cookie Jars

Terence and Paul can be contacted by Email Terence and Paul
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