Steven Smith

Steven is a fan of Dr Who with roots that reach back to his early childhood watching the show on the television. He started seriously collecting Doctor Who merchandise in 1981 with many bits and pieces surviving from his early days. Steven lives in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and has dedicated a room of his house to exhibit his collection. With an affinity to Dalek toys he has devoted a large portion of his collection to these pepper pot foes.

Currently standing at over 1000 individual Daleks, he probably has the largest Dalek Collection in the World and will be vying for a place in the Guinness Book of Records in 2012!

Possessing a complete and unbroken run of Radio Times from the early 1960s to the current date, including all that have Dr Who related content.

He is always on the lookout for Daleks, especially rare Cherilea Daleks.

You can find Steven on eBay (dalekfan) searching for the hidden treasure and  selling some of his surplus items.

Steven can be contacted by Email Steven

Enjoy this small sample of Steven's Collection

There is more of Steven's collection to see on his other pages. Click to see some of Steven's Toys Page

Fine Art Castings
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Collector Cards
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Character Options Dalek Squad!
Dalek Drone (June 2010)
Dalek Ironside (June 2010)
B & M Exclusive CO Dalek (June 2010)
Assault Dalek
Dalek Thay
Dalek with Mutant Reveal
Genetic Print Dalek (with color change handprint)
Dalek Sec Hybrid
Supreme Dalek
Dalek Sec
Army of Ghosts Figure Set
Daleks in Manhattan Set
Genesis Ark and Daleks
Stolen Earth Gift Set
Doomsday Set (2006)
Series 3 six figure gift pack
Woolworths 6 figure gift pack
Dalek Battle Pack (10th Dr)
Dalek Battle Pack (Cyber Leader)
Dalek Battle Pack (Rose)
Dalek Battle Pack (9th Doctor)
5 inch Remote Control Dalek (2005)
Gold Remote Control Dalek!!!
Red Remote Control Dalek!!!
Dalek Bagatelle by Marx
Brannigan by Kevin Graham
Rose by Don Pedicini Jr
The Doctor & Zoe by Charles Hall
6 card ensemble by Nik
Unique preliminary pencil sketches by Nick Neocleous
1st Doctor and Daleks!!
Dalek (profile)
The sketch art of Kevin Graham
More preliminary sketches by Kevin Graham!
Carrionites! - Doomfinger and Bloodtide!
The Judoon - a lovely Christmas Present 2007
A Sensorite
Martha Jones
Sarah Jane Smith
Preliminary & final sketches of Sylvester McCoy by Nik
Unique sketch by Nik Neocleous
Unique sketch by Warren Martineck
Product Enterprises Talking Micro Movie Dalek
Cherilea Dalek with original price tag
Cassandra as The Doctor!
Micro sized talking Daleks!
Peter Davison wallpaper
Lone Star Dalek Rocket Gun
Dalek Easter Egg produced by Marks and Spencer, for Easter 2006.
Boxed set of 24 Dalek key rings, sold exclusively by Marks and Spencer, late 2005.

Playing Cards
2 foot tall Cookie Jar

SFX postcard
Signed by
Christopher Eccleston
BBC Preview DVD
Mega rare BBC Preview DVD for the new series. It includes all of "Rose" plus a trailer for the rest of the series with some nice Dalek clips. Believed to be one of about 100 issued to the press.

Click for a larger view Click for a larger view
The Grand Theatre and Opera House, Leeds
Ultimate Adventure autographed programmes
Click on images for a larger view

Collection of plates

Full set (so far) of autographed DVDs.

Full set of BBC Videos
Half Size Dalek 
Stands about 3ft high, was previously owned by SFX Magazine and sat in their editorial room.

Click for a larger image Click for a larger image Click for a larger image Click for a larger image
Cards Inc. Cookie Jars
Click on image for a larger view

Oven mitt
The Very Rare Dalek Soap Set
The 1980 BBC Publicity photo set, with leaflet and folder, officially released to the Public by the BBC.

Click for a larger image
Sevans Ice Warriors Sevans Cyberman
TARDIS model, 16" high, made by professional model maker Martin Bower as a commission for me in 1985. (Click for a larger image)

Dalek stamp sheet, framed with Dr Who and the Daleks first day cover stamped 1st June 1999, limited edition signed by Peter Purves.
Another Dalek stamp sheet, this time framed with the Daleks Invasion of Earth limited edition first day cover stamped 18th January 2000 and signed by Elisabeth Sladen.
Grey Sevans Dalek
Built circa 1986
Professionally made
Sevans Movie Dalek
Sevans Cyberman Head
Circa 1986
Professionally made Silurian model, about 12 inches high, made from plaster or some such, bought from DWAS in 1988. Limited Edition.

Click for a larger version

2003 Davros Plate

2003 Davros Plate
Plate Number 1 of 2000

Click for a larger View
Certificate of Authenticity

2003 4th Doctor Plate

Steven is lucky enough to own the prototype and the first issue of the Davros plate. Check out his certificate, number 1 of 2000.

2004 Plate
Doctor and Brigadier



The Danbury Mint Doctor Who Pewter figures with their respective advertising sheets. The certificate was issued when you bought the six figures.

The Largest Cherilea Dalek Army Ever Assembled

Rare color variants

Very rare Movie Dalek version or the Cherilea Swappit.

Complete range of standard colours for the Black Cherilea Daleks
Selection of Gold Cherilea Daleks

Selection of Grey Cherilea Daleks

Selection of Green Cherilea Daleks

Selection of Light Blue Cherilea Daleks

White Lion Daleks hardback with weird Tom Baker cover.
White Lion Crusaders hardback with its full wraparound dust jacket.
White Lion Doctor Who and the Zarbi.

First Edition Hardbacks
First and Second Editions

1988 Holdcourt Tardis Telephone with box the very rare box The Five Doctors Video with Exclusive Boots Dalek

Nestle Milk Chocolate Wrappers
Original tribe necklace from Kinda. Purchased at Longleat in 1983.

Radio Times

Return to Devils - 1993.

The first 500 were autographed by the cast (including Pertwee). Since then I've had it autographed by Katy Manning at Sheffield, and yesterday at Memorabilia by Damaris Hayman (Miss Hawthorne) and Stephen Thorne (Azal).


Collection Display


Dalek Wall

Video Wall

The complete range of video box sets

There is more of Steven's collection to see on his other pages. Click to see some of Steven's Toys Page

Fine Art Castings
Click to see some of Steven's Print Page
Click to see some of Steven's Collector Cards
Collector Cards
Click to see some of Steven's Autographs

Steven can be contacted by Email Steven
All of the pictures on this page are the property of Steven Smith and may not be used or reproduced in any way without his explicit written consent.

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