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Paul Gibbs of East London has been a life-long fan since being terrified by 'The Hand Of Fear' as a toddler. Up until the age of 21 he was a Fan - capital F! Paul also ran a local group, and collected anything and everything Who, and even ran a DWAS local group on and off for ten years. Jumble sales and charity shops threw up Palitoy Daleks, Armada paperbacks, Geoff Love albums, and a multitude of Target books. He was ravenous for the stuff and had a room full of fanzines, and stationery, and toys, and magazines, and records ...etc.

At 21, in a move Paul now ranks as one of his stupidest, he gave the lot away in a fit of 'maturity' - Denys Fisher TARDIS and all. Boy does he regret it. Paul kept up with the New Adventures though, and Doctor Who Magazine but that was all until about two years ago. Kick starting a new collection, Paul purchased a DAPOL re-issued Marx Dalek - the one thing he wanted and never found as a youth. It took pride of place next to the Denys Fisher Dalek, one of the few remnants he had kept. A recent buy of a DAPOL TARDIS, c/o this site, has seen it reunited with his remaining DAPOL figures.

Paul is mainly interested in toys and models, specifically Daleks and the TARDIS, although he has tons of videos and books too. Largely a Star Wars toy collector there is minimal room to display his expanding Dr Who treasures. However droopy the inflatable Dalek is, it is his pride and joy. Paul is looking forward to grabbing many of the Product Enterprises goodies as they arrive on the market!

You can find more photos of Paul's collection at

Paul can be contacted by e-mail at

Enjoy this small sample of Paul's Collection

Dalek Army

Mini Dalek Army

Droopy The Dalek
Custom Painted PE Dalek

China, Coal, Fine Art Castings and Corgi Tardis
Dapol 25th Anniversary Play Set

The Doctor Who Omnibus
The Dalek Pocketbook and Space-Travelers Giude

Doctor Who - The Daleks
Armanda Paperbacks

Doctor Who - The Daleks
Avon Paperbacks

Paul can be contacted by e-mail at

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