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Chris lives in the UK and has a number of original props from the classic Doctor Who period, and some from the new series, including an original 1960's BBCtv dalek with sections dating back to their first appearance in 1963.  Another prize is his complete Voc Robot head (and chest-plate) from 1977. A recent gift is a Sonic Screwdriver used in the production of the 50th Anniversary show 'The Day of The Doctor'

A selection of the collection can be seen below

All images are copyright Chris Balcombe or BBC Worldwide

If you happen to watch the BBC 20th Century Roadshow you will likely have seen Chris collection featured on that show. If you missed it have a look now.
20th Century Roadshow
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If you have any original, screen-used Doctor Who props from the current or original series, and are interested in selling, please feel free to drop Chris an email.

Chris can be contacted by Email Chris

Enjoy this small sample of Chris's Collection

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Merchandise Artwork

Original Voc head from The Robots Of Death 1977
The head as it appeared on screen, left. And the end credits, right
The head as it is today, with the original paintwork
Actor John Bleasdales name inside the head, and a close-up of the eye detail, right
Various scenes featuring the head, worn by John Bleasdale, as V16 and V19
Original BBC Dalek, (aka Dalek 1-7) with mid-section coming from the their 1st TV appearance
1-7 on the right, in Resurrection of The Daleks 1984
The back sections of Dalek One/Seven
Dalek 1-7 in the Five Doctors, on Skaro, in 1983. Pic by BBC
The main remains of the Dalek as seen in the Bonhams auction brochure
The dalek in Genesis Of The Daleks
The Dalek on display at the Doctor Who exhibition
Facing Peter Duncan on Blue Peter (copyright BBC)
Dalek One/Seven confronts Jon Pertwee in 1974
Rear view
Screen-used Dalek Trooper Helmet with original visor
Original weapon used in ‘The Happiness Patrol’ broadcast in November 1988. Note the ex-Nemesis firing end
The Happiness Patrol gun being used by Daisy K. Photo copyright BBC Worldwide, from the BBC Video
The gun on screen again, with Susan Q. Picture is copyright BBC Worldwide and from the BBC Video of The Happiness Patrol
The colourful weapon as it looks today, no different than the day recording finished!
The Master’s Tissue Compression Eliminator
1985, and Anthony Ainley uses the TCE. Screengrabs copyright BBC Worldwide, from the BBC Video
The TCE as it looks today, with the push-in brass knob at the rear
Picture taken by Bonhams, London, for their catalogue
Bomb device from Revelation Of The Daleks, 1985. Held by Davros and others. Lights still working!
Revelation Of The Daleks bomb device as it is today
Original chromed silver arrow from Silver Nemesis
Original Imperial Dalek Plunger used in Remembrance of the Daleks, 1988. Retained by SFX maestro Mike Tucker
Exact replica of Michael Wishers Davros measured from the original, & a John Friedlander head
Chris Brimelow replica Season 12 Tom Baker Scarf
2007: The Shakespeare Code. Original Lilith witches face prosthetic from Neill Gorton
A close-up view reveals the individual hairs applied to the eyebrows and nose mole!
Christina Cole as Lilith the Carrionite. Pic: Copyright BBC Worldwide
Original Moonboot from Earthshock
Gold Dalek built by one of Mike Tuckers team in 2005
EX-SNOWMINATE!! Fun with the gold Dalek Chris owns
Theres no business like Snow business!
K9, the Doctors faithful metal friend
Replica Genesis Dalek with Raymond P Cusick
Chris with Sylvester McCoy at the BBC South studios
The Dalek has appeared in media across the world, including Dr Who Magazine
With Chris controlling, it also starred in a KitKat TV and movie advert
A Genesis Christmas! Pictured by Chris at his home
And how it looked in The Sun Newspaper
The Dalek in action, on BBC1 show 20th Century Roadshow
Chris gets a credit on BBC1 after the Roadshow
Cyberman display for Crinkly Bottom theme park
Original stunt banknotes from David Tennants The Runaway Bride
Original Eagle Comic - same issue read by Peter Cushing in the first Dalek movie
Jon Pertwee as Worzel Gummidge
An experimental biscuit container. No handle, and a little tricky getting your cookies out!
Bubble Shock drink bottle from the Sarah Jane Adventures
Bubble Shock bottle as seen in the episode
Cyber-Squirrel! OK, not technically a prop but certainly unique. Made from a Cyber radio by Chris, & packed with peanuts!

If you have any original, screen-used Doctor Who props from the current or original series, and are interested in selling, please feel free to drop Chris an email.

All photographs on this website are the copyright of either the BBC, where credited, or Chris Balcombe, They cannot be used or reproduced without explicit written permission. The daleks are copyright BBC and Terry Nation's Estate. Full size daleks of every type are available to buy from This Planet Earth, at

Chris can be contacted by Email Chris

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