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Brian MattocksBrian is a resident of Wigan in the United Kingdom where he has been collecting Doctor who and related items since he was nine years old. Seeing "Destiny of the Daleks" on the Tele was the spark that started the Doctor who collecting flame and since that faithful day the torch has burned bright.Brian with a new toy a few years ago

The Denys Fisher toys hold a special place in his collection because they were the toys he played with as a young boy. Brian still has the Shortman Trading Tardis Tuner radio he played with those many years ago, still in working order. His  mint condition Tardis tent is now filled from top to bottom with show memorabilia making for a grand surprise when you open the doors. A Harvard Associates Tardis Video Cabinet commands a prominent location in Brian's display room, housing his collection of story novelizations rather then the expected tapes.

Brian is proud to own a working example of the Chad Valley Doctor Who Give-A-Show Projector set with all the bits and a great box. He would like to expand his collection of early items from the 1960s but the scarcity of these has limited his ability. If you ask, Brian will show you his "Doctor Who Candy Favorites" box of white chocolates from Goodies. This 1979 confectionary is best looked at while holding your nose because it has developed a bouquet that is less then appetizing. Predominately acquiring his collectables from shops and mail order Brian has amassed a huge collection through sheer determination and hopes to take advantage of the many on-line avenues in the near future.

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Enjoy this small sample of Brian's Collection

 See Brian's
Dr Who Fruit Machine
In action
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1960's Items

A 1966 Century 21 "The Daleks" Record (back left) with other similar examples of 1960 items.
c1965 Chad Valley Ltd Doctor Who Give-A-Show Projector Set.

1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969  Annuals
1964 Dalek Book, 1966 Dr Who and the invasion from space with 1966 The Dalek World

Denys Fisher Toys

Denys Fisher Played with figures, Dalek, Giant Robot, 4th Doctor, K-9 and a Cyberman.
Mint in the box example of the Leela action figure and Tardis.

Denys Fisher Tardis

Denys Fisher Leela

Some highlights of the collection

Tardis blanket
Politoy, Dapol and Denys Fisher K-9's face off.

Product Enterprise, Dapol, Bluebird, Comet and Danbury Mint Daleks
Davros latex mask and a 1978 Jotastar Doctor Who Aim 'N' Shoot Bagatelle

Several Tardis examples
Tardis Bubble Bath in two variations

The Original 1975 Talking Daleks from Palitoy Bradgate.
The Senior Talking Dalek meets the newcomer from Product Enterprises.

Sonic Screwdriver and Tardis Key recreations.
A 1979 box of "Doctor Who Candy Favorites" white chocolates from Goodies in the UK.

1999 Danbury Mint Limited edition plate. (one of only 50 made)
Shelves strain to hold the many items.

The 1993 Harvard Associates Tardis Video Cabinet

Filled with novels

5th Doctor costume replica

4th Doctor costume replica

1975 Weetabix Promotion game pieces.
1975 Weetabix Promotion game charters and a console room.

Posters surround the room
Dr Who movie store display Tardis that now holds Brian's videos of the show.

Tapes fill the draws
The 4th Doctor stands in front the Tardis Telephone surrounded by examples of the many Dr Who themed mugs.

Four 1992 Promotional Tardis Coasters from Bally/Midway Amusement Games.
Large assortment of badges with a pair of 1984 Peshawear gloves

1992 Pinball promotional plastics from Bally/Midway Amusement Games.
1998 Pendants from The Ultimate Belt Buckle Company.

Shortman Trading Tardis Tuner c1978, in working order sits next to  a 1996 Downspace mug still in the packaging.

Many of the Boxed set videos

Brian sporting his 6th Doctor coat

Brian can be contacted by e-mail at

All of the pictures on this page are the property of Brian Mattocks and may not be used or reproduced in any way without his explicit written consent.

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