Bobby Morris

Bobby Morris is a physics student from Leicestershire, England that has been a Doctor Who fan with his brothers' since the BBC started showing repeats in the early '90s. He soon started buying the videos, which are now the basis of his collection. Over the years, he has acquired several interesting items outside the media range and Bobby's interest in scale-models has expanded it into other areas. Bobby has a Sevans quartet (alas, no K9) and a pair of Comet Miniatures Daleks. This summer he is planning on making the Sevans Davros and Dalek to round off the display. If you would like to see a more comprehensive list of Bobby's collection or sample some of his other interests he maintains a personal website at

Bobby can be contacted by e-mail at

Enjoy this small sample of Bobby's Collection

Sevans Davros
Assembled and Painted by Bobby

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sharaz Jek Facemask
Painted by Bobby
Doctor Who and the Daleks LCD Game
Systema 1993

Sevans Cyberman
Assembled and Painted by Bobby
Sevans Ice Warrior
Assembled and Painted by Bobby

Comet Miniatures Dalek
Assembled and Painted by Bobby

Bobby can be contacted by e-mail at

All of the pictures on this page are the property of Bobby Morris and may not be used or reproduced in any way without his explicit written consent.

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