Andrew Raymond

Andrew is a single man working as a retail manager in Columbus Ohio USA. He started his collection over 17 years ago when he purchased his first Target book, #121 Ambassadors of Death, which he still has today. Though it is falling apart from all the enjoyment it has provided it's owner. Andrew has expanded on that one book to a substantial book collection. He is currently trying to get all the Target Hardbacks. Posters are another favorite of Andrew especially the unusual and hard to find printings. Possessing a large assemblage of trading cards he takes great pleasure having them signed by the stars they portray.

Andrew finds his items through many avenues, his local shops, conventions and even while on vacation to Canada and the United Kingdom. He is most proud of a matted set of three Aztecs photos signed by William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, Verity Lambert, Barry Newbury, Ian Cullen, John Ringham, and Walter Randall that he found at the Gallifrey Convention in 2003. Andrew is fond of the Product Enterprise line of toys and has added many to his collection. He also enjoys the book "The Transcendental Toybox" from Telos. Andrew was waiting for a book like this for many years, and had started compiling his own list in the 90's from his growing collection. Andrew provided material for the second edition of the Toybox where you can find his credit on page 6. Andrew would like to add an original Doctor Who and the Daleks Movie poster, as well as a Bally's Pinball machine to his collection some day.

You can find Andrew on the message board as AndrewRaymond

Andrew can be contacted by Email Andrew

Enjoy this small sample of Andrew's Collection

Panoramic view of Andrew's collection

Target paperbacks
Hard to find Poster

Andrew's current and former license plates

Andrew loved this graphic so much he made a poster from it.
Mounted autographed photos from the Aztecs.

Signed "Companion" Cards
Signed "Doctor" Cards

The Achilleos collection

Hartnell Autograph

What Andrew makes in his spare time

Andrew can be contacted by Email Andrew
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