Frans van Lottum

Frans is an electronic engineer living in the Netherlands with his wife and two teenage boys. His interest in Doctor who was sparked at the tender age of 9 years old when the first two seasons of Tom Baker's stories were broadcast in his local area. After a very long laps in access to the series his interest was rekindled in 1993 when he started getting BBC1 and BBC2 in his home town. This prompted Frans to buy "The Silurians" video and he has been collecting ever since.

Finding Doctor Who merchandise was no easy feat for Franz in the beginning with almost nothing being sold by retailers in Holland. That is until eBay opened his access and his collection has exploded since. He and the family are always rummaging at car boot sales or flea markets to see what they can find. On visits to the UK Frans enjoys going to secondhand bookshops, charity shops and the Doctor Who Shop to fill the gaps in his collection.

The New series prompted Frans to create a Dr Who website where you can find his collection showcased.
Don't miss it.

Frans can be contacted by Email Frans

Enjoy this small sample of Frans's Collection

Rare Books

Peter Haining Books
Pinnacle Books

Target Books
Dutch Edition Books

David Howe and John Peel Books

Dalek Attack Computer Game
Sevans Dalek



Master Tin VHS Set

Cyberman Tin VHS Set

30th Anniversary Tin VHS Set

Dalek DVD Set

Time Lord Collection VHS Box Set

Crusade and Space Museum Box Set

VHS Collection

Frans can be contacted by Email Frans
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