Click to visit the siteMick Hall's Dr Who Collection
Mick has shared his wonderful collection with us for years on this site but he is now striking out with a new website of his own. He has just started and it looks great already. Stop by his new home and see what he is up to. You will not be disappointed.
 Recovering The Past
Jenny has been a long time supporter of richardwho who has now ventured out to bigger and better things. See her website showcasing her private collection of Dr Who Props, merchandise and autographs. You will also find a guide about the survival of Dr Who props and costumes.
 Terence and Paul's Collection
Terence and Paul Barlow's Dr Who Collection
 The Fantastic World Of Original Doctor Props
Andrew's collection of original doctor who props with some fantastic original artwork and promotional items.
Click to visit the siteThe Toy Room
Some of the toys from the personnel collection Alex Storer nicely displayed and organized by year. Once you finish looking at the toys have a wander around the rest of the website, there is lots to see.
 Tom's Doctor Who Collection
The Doctor Who Collection of Tom in Southern Illinois.

Collecting Information
 Allen Machielson model site
Some of the best Dr Who models you will ever see.
 Doctor Who Autograph and Picture Archive
Website dedicated to collecting autographs of Doctor Who shows stars, stuntmen and guest stars.
Click to visit the siteHowe's Transcendental Toybox
The web site of the book that is the unauthorized guide to Doctor Who collectibles.
 Martin Bower's Model World
Martin has worked on many of the Science Fiction Films, TV Shows and Publications we all know and love including Dr Who. You will find information and photos about his career and work on this interesting site.
 Mego Doctor Who and Customs
This site is a archive for the original seven toys in the Denys Fisher/Mego 9" Doctor Who range, as well as a showcase for custom made 9" additions to their plastic universe.
Click to visit the siteThe Doctor Who games page
Dr Who electronic games, old and very old. Some great information and screen shots from some of the great games of the past.
Click to visit the siteWebtrekker Model Making
Wonderfully detailed custom made models from the classic and new series. The website is filled with photos, instructions and how to information.

Prop Sites
 Doctor Who
This site is manly for props and costumes that the site operator own or have owned over the years, along with many items from other private collections including close friends. The site is intended to give an in-depth look at some of the items that made Doctor Who so special.
Click to visit the siteDr Who Exhibitions
Great pictures and information on the legendary Doctor Who Exhibitions. Longleat, Blackpool, Llangollen, MOMI, Bristol and the USA tour. It's all there with additions coming all the time.
Information and images of the original TV and movie daleks
Click to visit the siteMat Irvines's Smallspace Home Pages
Mat Irvines the SFX artist has a website with tons of interesting photos. Many from the making of Dr Who. Check out the Special effects Minitures page.
Click to visit the
The history of a 1960s cyberman costume purchased at a Longleat auction.

Who Related Sites
 BBC America
This site provides the best selection of BBC videos in North America. Special sales take place every month. You will also find an extensive listing of BBC Radio Plays and CD-ROM's available in North America. BBC Books, including the entire Doctor Who line, are coming soon.
 Chameleon Circuit
Dr Who Book, VHS, CD, DVD cover Artwork Resource
Click to visit the siteDalek Dissolution Earth
Matt Parish and have put together a great Dalek game with some of the best original graphics seen in a long time.
 Dalek Links
Dalek Links is the most comprehensive listing of the Web's Dalek Web sites. If you're looking for anything Dalek-related - this is the first place to look!
 Doctor Who Actors - A-Z Index
Great resource for the Dr Who autograph collector.
Click to visit the siteDoctor Who In America/Worldwide
A site, forum, and blog for Doctor Who fans from the united states, as well as various places around the world. Featuring news, articles, interviews, polls, and many other wonderful features, run for fans by fans for your browsing pleasure.
Click to visit the siteDoctor Who Online
A great place to find out what's going on in the world of Doctor Who. News, Forums, Releases, Reviews, Chat Room and much much more.
 Doctor Who Reference Guide
Archive of media information
 Doctor Who Web Guide
The best Dr Who website listing available. This is the standard everyone is compared to.
 Doctor Who’s Tragical History Tour
The History of Doctor Who in Pictures.
A uk based Doctor Who webzine, featuring articles and original artwork with a spattering of news.
Click to visit the siteMego Doctor Who
This site is a news site for new and upcoming Doctor Who toys action figures and dolls. It is also a museum for the original 9" Denys Fisher/Mego toys of the 1970's, and lastly a showcase for the author's and other people's Doctor Who toy customs in various scales. Here you will also find photo comics, galleries, and much much more.
Click to visit the siteNicola Bryant
The Offical Nicola Bryant website.
 Outpost Gallifrey
The latest in Dr Who news and information.
 Rob's Dr Who Images
Some great Dr Who 3D objects and rendered pictures
Click to visit the siteThe Bessie Homepage
Everything you have ever wondered about Bessie, the Doctor Who car.
Click to visit the siteThe Doctor Who Restoration Team
The latest information about what's going on in the restoration of Dr Who video.
 TV Ark
Great TV information past and present. Don't miss the Dr Who pages in the Cult Section.
Omaha Doctor Who Society
Click to visit the siteWhoFind
British science fiction search engine.

Who Related Manufactures
Click to visit the siteMFX Replicas
Millennium FX is one of Europe’s leading creators of make-up fx, prosthetics, animatronics and character make-up for films, television and commercials. Purchase the highest quality replics from Doctor including Cybermen heads, Ood heads and Clockwork Droid masks.
 Mutant Mouldings Limited
Manufacture of Licensed half size Daleks. All the Daleks are hand made to the highest standards from the finest quality materials. You can also pickup a Tardis and K9 if you are incline.
 Product Enterprise
Makers of great Dr Who toys and figures. (They holds the Dr Who Master Toy License)
 Prop Masters
Specialists in authentic Film and Television Props, Costumes and associated Ephemera.
Click to visit the siteStrictly ink Limited
The makers of the Definitive Trading Card sets.
 The Stamp Centre
New Web site of the longtime Dr Who collectible store.
 This Planet Earth
Manufacture full size reproductions of the Dalek, TARDIS, K9 and Cybermen.
 Timelord Knitwear
Replica Dr Who scarves, machine made, and hand finished.

 Andrew Skilleter
The official Andrew Skilleter website.
 Flying Armadillo
The online illustration portfolio of the amazing artist Amy Pronovost. Among her many fine works she has produced Sketch cards for Strictly Ink's Doctor Who card series. If you would like a custom card all your own then check out her Commissions page.
 Lee Sullivan Official Site
The home page of Lee Sullivan, comic artist and illustrator. To commission illustrations or purchase comic strip art

Retail (Who Related)
 Cards Inc
Trading Card Distributor
 Galaxy 4
Galaxy 4 are one of the UK's leading suppliers of official Doctor who merchandise. Their website allows you to buy from their extensive range of Doctor Who products online.
 The 10th Planet
Essex based Sci Fi store that plays host to many celebrity signing events.
Click to visit the siteThe Doctor Who Store
USA based Doctor Who on-line store.
Click to visit the siteVoga
A SciFi store in Edinburgh that stocks a wide range of merchandise with a science theme, from science fiction collectibles to educational science kits.
 Who North America
Great Place in the USA to get Dr Who items.

Retail (Not Who)
 Dream Keepers
A UK based seller of Acrylic display cases.
Click to visit the (was Blackstar)
Video site for PAL VHS and DVD movies and shows.
 Specialty Plastics Fabrications
USA company that makes and sells acrylic display cases. A very large selection of pre-made sizes and they will custom make to order. They ship internationally.

Useful Sites
Click to visit the siteAuction Sniper
Auction Sniper is an eBay sniper that automates the process of placing your bid in the closing seconds of any eBay auction, dramatically increasing your chance of winning.
 ieSpell IE browser spell checker
ieSpell is a free Internet Explorer browser extension that spell checks text input boxes on a webpage. It should come in particularly handy for users who do a lot of web-based text entry (e.g. web mails, forums, blogs, diaries). Even if your web application already includes spell checking functionality, you might still want to install this utility because it is definitely much faster than a server-side solution. Plus you get to store and use your personal word list across all your applications, instead of maintaining separate ones on each application.
Click to visit the siteReadPlease
ReadPlease is a free and easy-to-use text-to-speech program for converting the text you see on your screen into human speech.
 The Universal Currency Converter
TrafficLand allows you to view road cameras on the DC, MD and VA interstates.
Click to visit the
Steptoe and Son Memorabilia, Collectabilia and Comedy Appreciation web site. With well over 160 pages of information on videos, stills, posters, history and just about anything else you may want to know about the topic.

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