Doctor 5

Hear the Doctor

Played by

Peter Davison

After seven years enjoying adventures in his fourth persona, it was the latest in a line of battles against the Master that caused the Doctor to fall from the gantry of a radio telescope. This fall had been predicted, however, and, to the astonishment of his companions, the Doctor merged with a mysterious being known only as 'the Watcher', the result being another incarnation. The fifth Doctor was much younger in appearance than any of his predecessors, and had a boyish charm and endearing air of innocence. However his looks belied his intelligence which was put to good use in working out just how to defeat foes as diverse as the burrowing Tractators and the devious Black Guardian. The Doctor liked to rush headlong into action, often breathless with excitement, and his whirlwind enthusiasm affected those around him, particularly the Australian trainee air-stewardess Tegan, Nyssa, the young girl from Traken, and the Alzarian youth Adric. As this Doctor appeared younger than the others, he often took on a more 'elder brother' role with his companions as opposed to the father figure of earlier incarnations. The Doctor was trusting and open, especially with his companions, and yet still intolerant of evil. His handling of the Trion exile Turlough was especially sensitive, particularly as the boy was tasked by the Black Guardian to destroy the Doctor and his ship. As always, the Doctor was the champion of the underdog, but also liked to relax and was not adverse to playing a few overs of cricket when the opportunity arose. 1998 David J Howe
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