Polly (Polly Wright)

Played by

Anneke Wills


21 years old. Private Secretary to scientist. Father, country doctor in Devon, four brothers (one older - three younger). Happy and conventional middle-class background, she has never been tied to her mother's apron strings - they never know when to expect her home but when she arrives they are happy to see her. Has been, in turn, a travel courier, done a small amount of modeling (which she found irksome to her intelligence and feet) and when we meet her she is secretary to chief scientist on computer programming. She lives in a self-contained Gloucester Road flat. She loves sports cars, watching motor racing, skiing, clothes, swimming - pet hates: pomposity, deb's delights, conforming and officials (police to ticket collectors). She is always ready to lose herself in a new pursuit - if it offers excitement. Temperament: Intelligent, imaginative, impulsive, inclined to act first, think later. Gets terribly frightened by unimportant things but is stoic about larger dangers. Sometimes forgetful and unpredictable. She is a sucker for lame ducks. Her warm-hearted sympathy for the under-dog, coupled with her impulsiveness, sometimes lands her and her companions in trouble. She is totally undomesticated - cannot sew, knit or cook. Attitudes: Has sisterly affection for Ben, though relies on him when they are in a tight spot. Teases him about the Navy. Resents Ben's domestic practicability. The Doctor represents a father figure but irritates her at times when he is being pompous or mysterious. She is also inclined to tease him as well. From undated, revised series Format Guide.
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