David Wilson


Ace, Grace, Peri, Susan
Jo, Tegan, Zoe
8th Dr, Castellan, Alpha Centuri, Chang Lee
Harry, Turlough, Capt Yates, Benton
Davros, Silurian, Zygon, Omega
Masters Tardis as a Clock, Robots of Death, Movie Master
Sherez Jek, Morbius, Yeti, Terileptil
Full Expansion Set
PE figures
character Building sets
2010 SDCC figures
Classic Doctors and Tardis sets
Fires of Pompeii Set
Pandorica Set
Unreleased 5th Drs Tardis.
Stolen Earth set
Utopia Set
voyage of the Damned set
Image of the Fendahl Set
Keeper of Traken Set
Caves of Androzani Set
City of Death set
Invasion of Time
Bump n Go Cybermat
Secol Nursery Dalek, Hertz Dalek and Cherilea Dalek
Sevans Dalek model
11 Doctors Set
Chad Valley Dr Who Give a Show
Build your own sonic and Nano Recorder
build your own sonic set
60s Plastoid badges
Dalek and Cybermen Lampshade
Dalek Mat
facts and trivia game
More Board Games
Trivial Pursuit
Press out Book
Press out Book Centre spread
weetbix cards
Season 1 Box Set
Season 2 Box Set
Series 7 DVD box set
Assorted Promotional bags
classic daleks set 1
Remote Davros
3 Versions of Jon Pertwee figures
7th Dr and Remembrance Dalek
4th Doctor and Davros Boxers
Cyberman boxers
Dalek Boxers
3rd Dr Sonic Screwdriver
4th Dr Sonic Screwdriver
Aussie 4th Dr boxer trunks
The Master and Axon set
The Time Monster set
Vengance on Varos set
Cyberman Costume
Cybermen Prototypes
Cybermen Prototypes
Character Building 11 Doctors set
Latest Board games
My tattoo.
2 versions of Remote K9s
M&S Keyrings
the 3 versions of cassandra
12in Cyberleader
Animatronic Cyberman room guard
Cyber controller variants.
close up of Cyberleader variants
12in figures
Australia released Mens Dressing Gown
Bubble Bath bottles old and new
Attack of the Cybermen
Classic Style Tumblers
cybermen Head Cufflinks
David Tennants Autograph
Journal of Impossible Things book and mini sonic screwdriver
pandorica Cyberman unreleased figure
Voice changer Masks
Leela Variants
My collection of ever expanding Large Remote toys
confectionary boxes and tins
Cyber throne with Cybercontroller and cybermen.
Dalek Helium Balloon
Classic series wave 1
Peri Variants
Classic SDCC exclusives
Void Transport Mickey and Destroyed Cyberman
4th Doctor Standee
Classic alternative heads
Doomsday set
Genesis Arc Set
Sontaran Stratagem Set
Classic Dalek Army
Revenge of the cybermen figures
11th Dr figure
Classic Sontaran sets
series 1 figures
series 2 figures
series 3 figures
series 4 figures
Series 5 Figures
Series 6 figures
Series 7 figures
Aussie released Table Lamp
Australian released T-shirts
Dalek Wall clock and Alarm clock
Cybermen Wave
Vespiform Wave Series 4
Gelth Wave
Gleth Phantom and Zombie Granny
Pandorica cyberman
Blow up Dalek..
spin off videos
Toybox books
a selection of books
more books
more books
David Tennant Montage Frame
Sonic Screwdriver Screwdriver
TransTemporal Sonic Screwdriver
11th Dr Crash Set figures
Classic figures Baddies wave 2
Masters Ring Replica
Easter Egg Boxes
more books
more books
discovery books
Monster books
audio tapes, vhs box sets and postcards
more books
Remberance of the Daleks Davros and Destroyed Dalek set
Remberance of the Daleks set
Genesis of the Daleks set
Revelation of the Daleks set
Ressurection of the Daleks
Destiny of the Daleks
Evoloution of Davros
Evoloution of The Master
Custom 4th Doctor figure
Custom Three Doctors 3rd Doctor
Mutant Reveal Modification
Series 1 extra sealed figures
Series 2 extra sealed figures
Series 3 extra sealed figures
Dalek Operation
Sonic collection.
Time Crash signed by Peter Davison
TimeCrash set
Flesh Bowl Creator set
Space Suit Dr Variants
Dalek Mobile phone charm
Sew On Patches
3D lenticular poster
Built card Models
Nintendo DS & Wii Games and Accessories
Royal Albert Plates
Tardis Cookie Jar
My first version of the Welcome Aboard kit
Welcome Aboard Model
Daleks in Manhattan Model
Daleks in Manhattan Set
Close up of Dalek Caan
Close up of Dalek Sec
K9 variations
Tardis Teapot., Tardis Mug and asst mugs
Korwin Figure pre release sample
Micro Universe Ships
Time Squad figures
2007 crockery
Baby Adipose soft toy.
Regeneration 6th Dr
Woolworths Gift Card
Fob Watch
series 1,2 and 3 cards
vortex manipulator
2 60s version Marx Daleks and Dalek plate
Prototype Clear Cyberman
Marx Rolykin Dalek
The Old and The Clone
A collection of Sarah Jane Adventures figures
Product Enterprises Windup Daleks
Time Wars Board Game
Dalek Bedding
Dalek Bedding
Dr Who Curtains
End of Time figures
1970s Letraset
1970s Letraset rear
Amelia Pond figure
Giant Robot comparisons
Enemies of the 1st Doctor
Enemies of the 3rd Doctor
Seeds of Doom Set
The Chase Set
Levetating Tardis
Masters Metal Fob Watch
Tardis Cookie Jar
Doctor Who Experience Robot T-shirt
selection of merchandise and collectables
Time Lord Psychic containers
Mens Dalek Pyjamas
Torchwood Set
Warriors Gate set
Car Air Fresheners
Dalek Jellies
Tardis Emergency Fund Keyring
Pasta Shapes
Product Enteprises Micro Talking Dalek
Shaker Maker sets
New Adventures K9
New Adventures K9
2011 Advent Calendar
unreleased 3rd Dr
Wotsit Packets
Colin Baker Autograph
signed Leela figure
Victory of the Daleks set
Castrovalva Set
Glass Christmas Decorations
Talking Daleks
Dalek Hot Water Bottle Cover
Exterminate your Family Sticker
Mens Pyjamas
Monopoly sets.
80s pen
Pyramids of Mars - Mars set
Spirit of Light Sonic Screwdriver
BBC Exclusive Rory
Elisabeth Sladen Autograph
Flesh 11th Doctor with soft effect
The Three Doctors set
The Three Doctors set
The Three Doctors set
11th Doctor Figures
Boyle Industries Money Boxes
Collection of doctor who items I got for Christmas 2012
4th Doctor Regeneration Figure
4th Doctor Time Capsule DVD set
Regeneration DVD Box Set
Plush Large Talking Daleks and Tardis
Pyramids of Mars full set
Pyramids of Mars-Priory Set
Ace Figure
Ace Figure
Alternate Rory figure
Dalek Projection Alarm Clock
Cleric Wars Game gun
Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush
Time Zone playsets
11 Doctors Anniversary T-Shirt
Exterminate T-shirt
The Doctor Will See You Now T-Shirt
Custom 7th Doctor inspired Pink Tardis
Dalek Keychain Torch
Tardis Safe and Jigsaw
Aussie Anniversary Stamps
UK Anniversary Stamp set
9th Doctor and Dalek Alpha
Planet of the Daleks
10th Doctor Holographic figure.
Claws of Axos set
Other Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
gold Seal of Rassilon ring.
Tardis Charms
Tardis twin charm
Daemons Set
Wave 2 SFX talking Daleks
Alternate 11th Doctor head
Big Chief 11th Doctor Collector figure.
Alternate 4th Doctor Head
Big Chief 4th Doctor Collectors figure
Big Chief 10th Doctor Collectors figure
10th Doctor Big Chief TARDIS
1st Doctor Big Chief figure
12th Doctor Big Chief Figure
11th Doctor Big Chief Figure Series 7
Weeping Angel Big Chief Figure. Alternate Screaming and Calm heads and various arms
3 versions of the Brigadier
4 versions of Jo
DVD boardgame and Yahtzee Game
Tardis Christmas Stocking
War Doctor
Anti Dalek Disintegrater Gun
Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote controls. 11th and 10th Doctors
Time of the Doctor
Time of the Doctor figures
Impossible Set
Remembrance of the Daleks Ace
Selection of merchandise I got for Christmas 2014
Dalek Cake Pan
Ice Cube Tray
Tardis Cake pan
4th Doctor Regeneration figure
4th Doctor Regeneration figure comparison picture
Dalek Key Ring
Doctor Who Risk, Clue and Regeneration Monopoly
Sonic Screwdriver Cutlry set. Loot Crate exclusive Spork
Pop Figures
Titan War Doctor vinyl figure
10th/11th Doctor triple mug st
Dalek relief mug
Two versions of Cluedo.
12th Dr and Clara Variants
Missy and 12th Dr Variants.
Missy Variants
12th Doctor Touch control Sonic
Cookie Cutters
Dalek Assualt Ship
12th Doctor Sound Effects Tardis
Heat Reactive Coffee Mug
Model Making book
2016 Calendar
2016 Calendar
Colouring Book
4th Doctor 18ft Scarf
Mr Potato Head 10th Doctor version
Night of the Doctor 8th Doctor figure
Doctor Who Logo/Tardis belt
Tardis Shower Curtain
Bluetooth Speakers
Impossible Worlds Book
Updated Visual Dictionary
Eaglemoss figurine collection
Adipose key ring.
Custom Planet of the Spiders 3rd Doctor.
Custom Pyramids of Mars Sarah Jane Figure.
2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show Showbag
Colouring Book 2
Codeg Daleks
Time Squad figures
Into the Dalek Playset
Time zone figure sets and Hide Tardis set
MicroUniverse figures
Monopoly sets
Cyberman Attack Game
12 Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
35th Anniversary Fob Watch Bootleg version.
miss tinted Holographic 10th Doctor
1/4 Scale Remote Control K9s MKI and MKII
Belt Buckle
3rd Doctor box set
Comic style Queen Quilt set
Custom Donna Figure
13 Doctors Set
Custom Regeneration 10th Doctor
Marx friction drive dalek complete
13 Doctors Set with 1st Doctor Tardis
2017 Calendar front
2017 Calendar rear
11th Doctor print
7th Doctor variant
River Song and 500 year Diaries
Prototype Dalek Teapot. unreleased item from 2001.
Whovian Rubber Bracelet
Custom 11th Doctor- spoon head version
Custom Jo- Claws of Axos and original version..
Custom Jo- The Time Monster and original release version.
Ultimate Adventure flyers for Jon Pertwee and colin Baker
Asylum Dalek set inc sx bronze dalek
Lego Tardis set
voice chip 3.5 in figures

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