Katy Manning Autographed Items

Strictly Ink Autograph Card A11
Signed by Katy Manning

8 X 10
Signed by Katy Manning

Target Books edition of
Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks.

Signed by Katy Manning
Signed by Terrance Dicks (writer)

Where on Earth is Katy Manning Video

Limited Edition Signed Copy Signed in Silver ink by Katy Manning.

The Narration on the inside cover reads…
When I first met KATY MANNING earlier this year I really had no idea the events this encounter would spark off. I should have known better - Jon Pertwee warned me many times.... First came Katy's appearance in Doctor Who's Lust in Space and her Myth Makers interview. What struck me immediately was Katy's absolute commitment to the productions and the amount of energy she contributed. When you read this Katy will be off on her travels again, touring in Noises Off across Australia. But while here in the UK she wanted to give something back to the fans who had supported and written to her over the years for which she has been really grateful. And that's indirectly how this video came about. Not knowing many people connected with random in the UK, Katy asked me to liaise with conventions and shops that had approached her to make appearances. We were having a cuppa here in the office and I think it was Katy that suddenly suggested making a video of the events she attended. Seven venues and two months later we had fourteen hours of video to edit and here is the result. We hope you enjoy it. Both Katy and I would like to thank all the fans we met plus the organizers of conventions and owners of shops who, quite simply, made this video possible. I really can't wait until Katy returns…
Keith Barnfather 30th June 1998

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