John Nathan-Turner Autographed Items

Cornerstone Series 2 Card 113

This is card 113 of a 110 card set published in 1995 by Cornerstone communications.
Signed by John Nathan-Turner

Mawdryn Undead signed by Nicholas Courtney, his signature says To Lisa from Nicholas Courtney, also signed by John Nathan-Turner, who produced the show from 1980 to 1986 -- his signature reads To Lisa or Lyse, Best Wishes, John Nathan-Turner. The book is in very good condition except the pages have yellowed. Lisa Roberts of Pleasanton CA obtained the autographs in 1982 at a convention in San Jose CA. I purchased the book from Lisa in Feb 2001.

Near Mint Copy of the Book
The Five Doctors
Published in 1983 by W. H. Allen
Signed By Patrick Troughton and John Nathan-Turner
(Signed) To Chris Patrick Troughton
(Signed) To Chris John Nathan-Turner

The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs
Volume One and Two
Signed by John Nathan-Turner
His signature is printed in yellow as part of the cover art. The silver signatures are hand signed at the
10th Planet sci-fi Store
Vicarage Field Shopping Centre,
Barking, Essex England

Target Books Printer Proof
NO 127 Time and the Rani
By Pip and Jane Baker./center>The Cover is by Alister Pearson featuring images of Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, Kate O'mara as the Rani and a Tetrap.

The back is signed by Sylvester McCoy and John Nathan-Turner.

Back of Rime and the Rani
(Signed) To Mark Best Whishes John Nathan Turner Sept 92
(Signed) Mark Good Luck! Sylvester McCoy 93

Target Books Printer Proof NO 137 Dragonfire
By Ian Briggs. The Cover is by Alister Pearson featuring images of Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, Sophie Aldred as Ace with Ice World in the background

The Back is signed by John Nathan-Turner and Sophie Aldred

The Back of Dragonfire
(Signed) John Nathan-Turner
(Signed) Sophie Aldred

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