Nicholas Courtney Autographed Items

Larkfield Postcard Signed by Nicholas Courtney

Cornerstone Series 2 Trading Card
Card 218
Signed by Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas Courtney signed photo

BBC Radio Collection CD
Doctor Who
The Daleks' Master Plan

Signed by Jean Marsh
Signed By Peter Purves
Signed by Nicholas Courtney

Signed at the 10th Planet Sci-Fi Store
Essex October 2001

Mawdryn Undead signed by Nicholas Courtney, his signature says To Lisa from Nicholas Courtney, also signed by and by John Nathan-Turner, who produced the show from 1980 to 1986 -- his signature reads To Lisa or Lyse, Best Wishes, John Nathan-Turner. The book is in very good condition except the pages have yellowed. Lisa Roberts of Pleasanton CA obtained the autographs in 1982 at a convention in San Jose CA. I purchased the book from Lisa in Feb 2001.

6 X 8 Monochrome
Signed by Nicholas Courtney

1989 16X24Promotional Poster
This Poster was made to advertise the gathering of four actors from Doctor Who at the Hollywood Superstore in London to sign autographs. This 22 August 1989 event saw Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Nicholas Courtney signing for their many fans. This Store poster was signed by all four of the celebrities.

Close up of the autographs from the poster above.

Target Books Cover Proof
NO 40 Terror of the Zygons
Tom Baker depicted in Scottish garb surrounded images of two Zygons. The back of this cover is Signed By Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) Signature on back of "Terror of the Zygons"

This early printers proof of the target book "Ambassadors of Death" features Jon Pertwee and the space suited aliens. Beautiful cover art with Mars hanging in the background. Signed by Nick Courtney (The Brigadier)

Nick Courtney (The Brigadier) Signature on back of "Ambassadors of Death"

Target Books Cover Proof
NO 152 Battlefield
Signed by Nicholas Courtney and the author Marc Platt.

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