from "Terror of the Vervoids"
This screen seen prop was used in the season 23 story "Terror of the Vervoids" staring Colin Baker as the Doctor and Bonnie Langford as Melanie Bush. This four-part story (7c), transmitted 11/1/86, was the third part of the Trial of a Timelord series.

The essential accessory for any visit to the gym on the intergalactic liner Hyperion III, this large face Pulseometer can clearly be see in several scenes throughout the story. Five Pulseometers are used on the gym set so this may not be the actual one used by Professor Lasky, played by Honor Blackman, but it was used in the production.

The prop is a commercially made wristwatch with one-inch high LCD numbers and a two-inch wide rubber wristband.

Terror of the Vervoids

Exercise is the key to a healthy life. Just ask Professor Lasky. You can find her in the gym most times of the day while Mel and the Doctor try to figure out why everyone else on the ship are being killed off.

Is that a leaf on the floor?

The Provenance

The Pulseometer was sold at the August 1st 1999 Longleat Doctor Who Memorabilia auction. It was item number 50, described as "Wristband - 'Terror of the Vervoids' ". It was owned by Mick Hall the noted Doctor Who collector in Luton England until I bought it from Mick in December 2005. It is now on display in my Dale City Virginia collection.

Auction Listing for the 1999 Longleat auction
See complete auction list

See complete auction list

The Display
The display is made of a commercially produced 8 by 10 inch shadow box, two and a half inches deep. The watch is mounted to a felt covered piece of foam core board using monofilament thread to minimize its presents. Narrative information was produced with my favorite graphics program.

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