Drone Mask

Drone Mask
"The Happiness Patrol"
This mask was used in the production of the Doctor Who story "The Happiness Patrol" staring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Sophie Alfred as Ace. This 25th season, three part serial (7L) was first transmitted on 11/2/88.

The mask is of surprisingly good quality for the short time they were on the screen. Made of a heavy semi pliable material they are fully felt lined on the inside and very comfortable to wear. One of about seven Masks used in several Drone marches during the show. They are only seen clearly for short periods of air time because of the camera angles and black veils shrouding the faces.

 Drone Rebellion in
The Happiness Patrol

Rebellion is in the air as the Doctor and Ace stumble on the fake smiles, lift music and death squads of Terra Alpha. The Drone factory workers are not going to settle for the oppressive treatment of the evil leader Helen-A. They face executions as they stage public protest in direct defiance of the law.

"Happiness will prevail"

The Provenance

The collecting coalition of Matt and Sarah Parish and purchased the mask from the BBC's 19?? Acton warehouse auction in a lot containing many masks used in Doctor Who including the original Mask of Mandragora. It remained in their collection until I bought it from them in March 2003 and it now resides in my Virginia collection.

The Display

The display is a straight forward five sided clear acrylic box atop a black acrylic base. The head sits on a mannequin head intended for military head gear. The box label and information boards were created with a graphics program and mounted on black foam core board.

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