Target Books Cover Art Proof Prints

These were used to check color matches, printing fonts and graphics before the final cover was printed. Differences from the published covers are very common. Some, like these, were for advertising or samples for distributors.

NO 8 Carnival of Monsters
Featuring a new layout by Alister Pearson. Cover features Shirna and Vorg, the Drashigs and Pertwee by Alister Pearson. Has "McCoy" logo on cover.

NO 25 The Face of Evil
Striking art with Louise Jameson as Leela and the split face of Tom Baker.

NO 40 Terror of the Zygons
Tom Baker depicted in Scottish garb surrounded images of two Zygons. The back of this cover is Signed By Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) Signature on back of "Terror of the Zygons"

NO 42 The Masque of Mandragora

NO 50 Pyramids of Mars

NO 53 The Robots of Death

NO 75 Meglos
With a cover by artist Alister Pearson featuring Tom Baker and Meglos, the last Zolpha-Thuran. This is a reprint cover, the original having featured General Grugger.

NO 89 Inferno
By Terrance Dicks. Featuring the neon logo with art by Andrew Skilleter of a scientist on top of the reactor silo. No UPC code printed on the back of this proof. This is the oldest in my collection.

NO 93 Planet of Fire
The original cover featuring The Master and Kamelion in blue fire. Features the neon tubing logo. Cover artwork by Andrew Skilleter.

NO 121 Ambassadors of Death
A early proof featuring Jon Pertwee and the space suited aliens. Beautiful cover art with Mars hanging in the background. Signed by Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier)

Nicholas Courtney(The Brigadier) Signature on back of "Ambassadors of Death"

NO 127 Time and the Rani
By Pip and Jane Baker. The Cover is by Alister Pearson featuring images of Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, Kate O'mara as the Rani and a Tetrap.

The back is signed by Sylvester McCoy and John Nathan-Turner.

Back of Time and the Rani
(Signed) To Mark Best Whishes John Nathan Turner Sept 92
(Signed) Mark Good Luck! Sylvester McCoy 93

NO 137 Dragonfire
By Ian Briggs. The Cover is by Alister Pearson featuring images of Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, Sophie Aldred as Ace with Ice World in the background. The Face of the Evil leader Kane the is melting down the center.

The Back is signed by John Nathan-Turner and Sophie Aldred

The Back of Dragonfire
(Signed) John Nathan-Turner
(Signed) Sophie Aldred

NO 144 The Greatest Show in The Galaxy
By Stephen Wyatt
The Cover is by Alister Pearson featuring Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor with the Psychic Circus in the foreground.

The Cover has a very large Flaw on the Spine. Can you Spot it?.

The title is not

The Back is signed by Ian Reddington who played the chief clown in the show.

The Back of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
(Signed) The Chief Clown has been here Ian Reddington

NO 149 The Curse of Fenric
By Ian Briggs with a cover by Alister Pearson featuring Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor. The back is signed by Mark Ayres, the provider of incidental music for this story.

Signature of "Mark Ayres" on the back of "The Curse of Fenric"

NO 150 Survival
By Rona Munro, cover is by Alister Pearson and features Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and a cheetah person. The back is signed by THE MASTER himself, Anthony Ainley.

Signature of "Anthony Ainley" on the back of "Survival"

NO 152 Battlefield
Signed by Nicholas Courtney and the author Marc Platt.

Signature of Marc Platt on the back of "Battlefield"

"Travel without the Tardis" featuring a photo cover of Bessie and Jon Pertwee from "The Five Doctors". Billed as a guide to travel in the U.K. to various "Who" locations. Has the old neon logo in red on the yellow cover.

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